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I like stuff.

I eat stuff, too.

Description accurate since 2008.
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C'mon, Artie, it's clearly a monster-slaying icosahedron.
That's a great pose for Edy in the second panel. XD
First thing I see: "198-3: Disappointment".

Second thing: Broken image box.

I lol'd.

EDIT: Commenting seems to have fixed the image.
Sorry, Xiam, but the end of the year was crazy for me.
Northsoutheastwestern never got back to me, either, Edy.
@Xiam: If your patella is pelted with a pointed projectile, you've taken an arrow to the knee.

So much for not explaining the joke. XD
At least it's not something about pointed projectiles pelting patellas. XD
Debit cards ≈ money. XD
@Xiam: You might want to use lighter shades of blue and purple for text filling for the future. The lighter ones are easy enough to read in the black outlines, but the blue and purple make it a bit tough, especially on numerals.
I was actually expecting her high stat to be Charisma, to go with the color-coding here.
This leprechaun was either found in flowers or is something entirely different and possibly inanimate, methinks. XD
Wii U Wii U Wi-- *shot*
@Xiam: XD It's okay. We all have days like those, plus Papels can be kind of difficult to understand, even when seeing them onscreen firsthand.

I still don't get it; it's just cute.
@Xiam: Um. Papels in the game are alive. In the picture I linked, they're reacting to one another. XD Here's a video showing a minigame from the game:
@KreeTheBasilisk: You could have used tau: 6.28318...
@Xiam: Papels.
"A cat that is also a bag" reminds me of the Papels in Pangya. XD
You see what Daylight Savings time does to us? YOU SEE?