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Thank you + Apology
Thank you for the 100+ fans!
This is my friend/character and his personalized mecha. This pseudo-manga has no mecha, but I just wanted to draw him with his own mecha for fun.

Sorry for the lack of updates- I'm a bit tied with finals and family at the moment. Thank you very much again!
Excuse the mistakes on here again please.
@Creanyu: Thank you very much.
@RunicV: I already know you are trying to help. Thank you sir/ma'am.
Sorry it's messy. I did this half awake.

Thank you for reading.
@*Suki*: Oh, I'm very sorry. I should put that I have music on here. xD
Please ignore the mistakes on here. Thank you.

@LinnHansen: Thank you very much.

@ayanechan: Thank you very much.

@Vanjushka Matryoshka: Thank you very much.
@mexy: Thank you very much.
@The Orange Cow:

Thank you very much.
I can't update due to special circumstances >_<!! I'm sorry! Here's a napkin I drew on ;____________;... *Gets slapped by people*

I'll update this weekend... UNTIL THEN... THANKS! ;-;
Thank you! I did not think people would enjoy this silly doodle comic.

This is what my brother and I wore to school a couple days ago. I thought we looked kind of adult-ish for once, so I wanted to draw it LOL. (We both get mistaken for being 14-16 still -w-;)
She looks like my type... >w>

Jk. My type is more like the main girl.

(Both are cute though and LOL seducing man chaser)
I'm sorry. I'm far too lazy to do even my doodle coloring.

So instead I do extra messy and lazy coloring with just bright reds. ;_;

(I think I'll do it this way for the rest of the comic since this is just a doodle/sketch comic).

EDIT: I continued the song/poem thingy in the first bubble. >w>;

@alainafranklin1999: Yes. Very much so. 8D

@iam-hungry: Thank you so much! And it is... Cute??? xD


@Sameroni: Hence why I should never cook. 8D
I beg to differ. Your background's perspective is well done. And I like this girl, I can relate to her. XD
Sorry! No update! [>_<]
Sorry there's no daily update today. I have to write my speech on capital punishment that's due tomorrow (I've been procrastinating on it... >w>;; ).

Here's a random doodle I did XD. Thank you for keeping up with this retarded doodle comic. I will update tomorrow!

@scrapzQiu: Thank you very much!

@Drifting_Flower: Thank you!

@iam-hungry: Thank you! It was a doodle, then I made it more into an illustration XD.

@Magical.Android.Aria: I understand because I'm the big bro LOL. I'm not the little bro XD. But yes, I love my little brother, but I can't help but fuck around with his head; it's too entertaining! :D
@SIDEPROJECT: xD I wish it was something as epic as incantations! Sadly, it's just my stupid poet side making stupid songs in my head.

@ButterflyBrains: *____* Care to try some of it?



@Fvanlatte: My brother has strange books. ^_^
@A v e r y: xDDD;;;;

@SIDEPROJECT: ...I DO?? That'll take a while... o-o And thank you so much. I like yours too; it's really adorable and colorful ^^.
You people are perverts xD.