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Ahhh I see wad I did dar @_@
@guess who: :S you just broke my head
Just say it's a Charlie Chaplin, done.
Yes Yes Yes
woof woof bark bark
Alright break's over.
I'd just like to add: it's been over a year since any of my faved comics have updated.
You George, have just made my night.
Alright let's do this.
@Switzerland Think where you'll be by the time I finish it, not in an old folks home I hope.

@blue_newt95: I don't have any plans beyond the next page let alone the next comic! I just make this crap up as I go. I'll see how I feel when the time comes. 8)
@guess who: Thanks dude that means a lot =)
@Rune Knight: 14 pages is nothing for someone that updates their comic on time, sadly that aint me. :P
I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to update as regularly as when I started, my life is too different now. But I am determined to see this through, which means adapting to something I can realistically manage.
You know what else has been seven years?...
This comic, since I started it.

Seven years! Jesus Christ
I'm not sure if I should celebrate that or be ashamed that it's taken that long to get this far.
I've been looking back over all the pages recently and one thing I've noticed is how much faster paced this comic was at the start. For instance this dungeon has taken up 14 pages so far and counting. The first Deku Tree dungeon was covered in 3 pages.

I know covering things in detail is good, but at the rate I make these comics it's gonna take me literally years to finish the whole game. As much as I love working on it, I really don't want to still be doing this when I'm 40.

What I'm trying to say is that once this dungeon is finished I would like to go back to that fast paced structure. The comic might become more erratic, changing multiple scenes within each page. I want to cover everything this game has to offer, but only briefly. It's not about cutting corners, I'm just being realistic about making some progress.

Anyway that's my rant I guess. Thank you for sticking with it, as usual I'll try to get the pages out quicker. I just came back from a holiday fyi. ;P
It's amazing how strong you can get in seven years.
@TheJGamer: Correct! You win the prize!
I'm slim Meggy yes i'm the real Meggy, all you other slim Meggy's are just iMeg...tating? :/
@BlazingShardsV2: Probably cause I take so long to update it :P
Valley ghost
March 22nd, 2017
Hey matey, I fancied a read through Wibble again for old time's sake but all the pages are broken. :'(
Any chance you could fix? If the file size is too much stick em on DeviantArt, that's what I did because I was sick of links breaking over and over.
PS: Miss youuuu