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I like webcomics and video games and rock music and milkshake and sunshine and turtles and pizza and the colour green and boobs and ice cream and robots and touching myself
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@artofjoe: Thanks! I do enjoy a soft brush every now and then. :)
See? you're stronger than you think!
...but also awww
@reader3749: Dra-gannn... not lizard
I don't do that tongue thing
Volvagia the Dragon was of course voiced by Eddie Murphy.
@AdilSykez: Go to System > Cheats and select 'Interface always on/off' (it might be in a section called 'beta')

Each rom has different cheats so I don't know if Majora's mask has it.
If not, you can try to find a Gameshark code for Majoras's Mask that removes the HUD/interface. Project64 lets you create your own cheats using Gameshark codes.
I wish you all a very merry Christmas, and hope you get the treasure you desire. ;)
See you in the new year!
For anyone that's interested, the recipe for rock risotto is as follows:
400 grams of Arborio Rice
2 tablespoons of olive oil
More Rocks
Remember my little speech a few pages back about making faster progress...
I want to spend less time in dungeons, so there won't be as many pages here as in the Forest Temple.
@Guess who: :0 That was beautiful.
It might be a while, but I'll make sure to include it when the time comes. Thank you!
@Guess who: Very good 8]
Can you come up with some lyrics for The Serenade of Water? Just like a verse and I'll put them in the comic.
Not much else rhymes with brother
Download the Project64 emulator, that's how you get your screenshots.

I use Photoshop CS3 and a Wacom tablet to draw on them, although there are plenty of other image softwares/tablets out there that will work just as well.
@LukeL: I know right!?
@zera304: The cranky 31 year old me appreciates your appreciation. 8)
@AdilSykez(youtube channel): I can go into more detail about certain things if you like.
@AdilSykez(youtube channel):

Step 1: Get screenshots
Step 2: Get a drawing tablet
Step 3: Draw on the screenshots
Step 4: Profit
Step 5: There is no profit
The law of comedy states that his hair will probably grow back by the next page.
Happy hung drawn & quartered day.
I just noticed this comic now has 1000 fans! A lot of those are probably inactive but I'll take it as a victory anyway!

I love you all like you're my children.
...children that I don't feed enough. <3
@Guess who: You crazy :|