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I like webcomics and video games and rock music and milkshake and sunshine and turtles and pizza and the colour green and boobs and ice cream and robots and touching myself
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@Illeea: Dawww you make me blush!
Thank you =)
@Night Worker: Oh yeah... I never thought about that :P
dammit, missed a good joke there.
@JovanW: Your avatar is from The Rescuers, one of my favourite Disney movies. :]
What was the sound the boots made again?
Followed by "Uhh!" "AAAAAHHHH" when you misjudge the distance.
I watched a lot of Doug as a child.
Woops wrong game
First rule of magic: never reveal how it was done.
Case in point, how did he get up on that balcony?...
@Donut Wizard: I like this, you're right though I've managed to make it 182 pages without dropping the f-bomb, mustn't slip now...
@evilnidhogg: Oh god that could be any number of things...
@Guest: I'm too old to know what YOLO is :(
@Aline1: You mean like those that hoard food and supplies?...
So there's the great fairy of slutiness, the great fairy of modesty,
Any ideas for the third one?... cause I got nuthin :|
@evilnidhogg: Yes! That's what happened.


...your name makes me think of the video game Nidhogg :]
I actually nearly forgot to include this part (Din's Fire) in the comic.
See how I shift my own incompetence onto Navi. :)