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I like webcomics and video games and rock music and milkshake and sunshine and turtles and pizza and the colour green and boobs and ice cream and robots and touching myself
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Why do I draw these things
That poor bastard.

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. December is always stupid busy cause of this damn holiday.

Four and a half years since I've had to draw young link... feels weird.
Seriously why does he only teach you the song after you leave and come back?? agggh!
Origins of jackass jerry?...
'jackass jerry begins'?
Link goes back in time and never returns...
end of comic.
That's twice that's happened now...
HAH love it
@Night Worker: There's a red filter on everyone, it turned Navi a bit pink.
It's not Fred, back the dead.
@robert: That's very kind, but I don't need any financial support thank you.
Not unless you could pay me enough to quit my day job and do this full time. :P
@Guest: Apparently Morpha doesn't show up until you stand on one of the central platforms. This was one of the easier boss rooms to get shots from. As well as with Phantom Ganondorf, who doesn't show up until you try to leave the room.
Volvagia was difficult, I had to take them while he was attacking me (and not in the shot) He also changes the lighting every time he appears or breathes fire.
The problem with taking them after the fight is that the room can change, or that something appears in the middle of it like a chest or the blue exit light.

I have no idea how I'm going to get shots from Bongo Bongo though, will have to get creative. :/
@Guest: I love those names by the way :D
zwooooosh seriously how many ways can you make a wooshing sound?...
I think you should try it next page ;)
My word how I've missed your shenanigans, please come back!
I just read the comic again, and the answer is no he would not... hence the wish.
God bum comics is so deep!
@SushiGummy: but would he kill... himself? (by smoking)
Bah you sold out george!
Why is that guy always scratching himself??