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The names Seegth and well...I love comics. Yup.

Have a nice day and go read a book(yes, a real book.with pages)
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Oh my...
That looks painful....
Did...did you want to talk about it?
You brave soul.
I never wear bikini bottoms without swim shorts...
Aww ha ha
I do the same to dogs.
Though Im more of a cat person anyways.
Oh god lol
Don't worry. I do stuff like that all the time
....I dunno. I think you could work it~
Damn gurl
You can rock any look
Patience is a virtue.
@D-KeyNote: ; A;
.....maybe take it as a compliment? Like...your girliness was showing? Or...something.
Fuck if I know.
....that would be mildly scary. But on the other hand, kind of awesome
Dayum guuurl~
@Nieidanine: .....he should lol
.....yay big hips?
But you're so adorable
....and I make those faces too so..yup. Go team.
This just makes me want to see joas blog/tumblr even more...

Heh heh heh heh heh
I adore this comic~

On a side note, anyone have a link to joa's blogy tumbles?
I swear I have been looking so hard but cant find it ; ^;
Also Ive used that same idea. It took about 30 seconds too lol. that a robin bed sheet?
....Ok Im even more interested now lol