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Why can't anyone ever make a decent sheet of him?
With a decent amount of various poses?

Because they are lazy like me.
Did this just to see if I could. My final contribution, this has been on my cpu for ages now. Anyway, I've decided to give up this account, Don't expect anymore from me. I'm creating a new one, however, I won't say which one and what for. I'll remain Silent... Bye.
@Bringer_of_light: Curious, just where did you get the maps for this game? Did you rip them in a map editor or something?
Just wondering, how do you take those screenshots?
This is beautiful.
Finally, update!
Miss me? No, oh... <:(
@Advertisement: Naw, it just takes 4ever.
Something new.
A little something else. Making fight scenes is hard you know.
Sorry for lack of updates.
But life has no breaks.
@AndyEarthBoundFreak: Change of plans, update sunday. Really busy today.
Update tomorrow!
@Advertisement: I'm an innocent bystander, I want no part of this lol.
@ZashTheHedehog: Phantom actually uses that move ingame.

I'm not making the move up.

Have you ever played Megaman Zero? It's really great. But it takes some time to get used to. But the boss fights are fun.
Sup y'all?
Has it really been 5 days? It only seems like yesterday Shadow shocked Phantom with his shocker ball thingy bob.
Shadow is smiling? BLASPHEMY!
Hey yall!
Sorry for the lack of comics, lately I've been busy with work and am busy with homework.

So, as a way to counter this stress I plan on buying Dead Island for my nephew's xbox! Yeah, I'm buying a game for a system I don't own. I'm done with consoles, saving up for a gaming pc. So, I resort to my nephew's xbox to play games I want on pc.

So I'll be killing zombies in the mean time. Definitely a comic Saturday. Just right now, I'm in the mood for Dead Island to counter the stress. now, OFF TO DO HOMEWORK!
@NiggaShadowSaiyanXD: I made them using a template from power rings.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: I don't know, he just got stabbed in the face. :/

Thanks for the compliment btw. :D
This took 4EVER!
I spent like 3 hours making this one. Is that normal? Anyway enjoy this fight scene of epic proportions. :)

I need to go to work. <=( They scheduled me for the entire labor day weekend! Bitches.
@Risky2k: Still not as good looking as yours. :)