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@Bringer_of_light: Curious, just where did you get the maps for this game? Did you rip them in a map editor or something?
Just wondering, how do you take those screenshots?
This is beautiful.
I'm sorry, but this could use a lot of work.

1. The panels are too BIG.
2. Everything is blurry.
3. No real plot.
4. If anything, I give you credit for using proper grammar.
5. Make it longer than two panels. The usual minimum is four. Your first 3 comics could have just been 1.
Silly boy, Banana Pi is YOU!
@Bransky: Whatever you want it to be. ;)
I knew it. Gold would get Cyndaquil and Crystal would have Chikorita.
@Bransky: The irony was that he criticized your work while his weren't any better.
Lemme guess, Gold gets Cyndaquil right?
I envy your spriting abilities. These are wonderfully detailed. 10/10
The pants must be tight since I could still see his shoe outlines, plus you can see where his chest hair used to be.
Ain't that AkumaTH's Doma Sonic?
They should have put a porno inspired song in the flute to make her do a strip tease IMO. ;3
Too bad they haven't dropped yet.
Zash, please don't do what you are doing. It really makes everything look unappealing and it ruins the sprites.
@ syeed: it isn't pillowed. If you look closely it has a light source even on the shoes.
Then how would anyone intend to prove anything over the internet?