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Anon Y. Mous
Hello All,
My name is Djarium Lyriss. Most people know me by Lyre, as I am a talented musician. Forgive the self-praise if you will.
I am a Christian, and have a passion for Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I will do anything for the sake of His beautiful name.
I am writing a Christian fantasy novel, so look out for my name on book covers in a year or two!

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    Djarium Lyriss
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Three? O_O
lol. I'm trying to convince the drama class I'm in to let me write a mad scientist type play for showcase.
Unfortunately I am not very persuasive, and they aren't liking the idea too well. They want to be ogres. How in the world are ogres better than mad scientists?? Some people I just don't understand . . .
I like it, actually. :)
Mad scientist are just so . . . madly awesome.
I assumed it was something like that. I was just making sure he doesn't have a bionic eye. lol
I like your new avi by the way.
Just quote a few Bible verses and you'll be fine. We get the picture. :)
What's with the glowing eye?
I must say that that character of yours reminds me very much of Obi-wan-kenobi
With the currant vampire trend it is truly refreshing to see them put back where they belong. I look forward to see how this story progresses
*Claps enthusiasticly*
Nice job!! I was scepticle at first when you mentioned vampires, but you kept them where they should be; as the enemy. And better yet, you're hero seems to be Christian, if I understand correctly. This is definately a step in the right direction for you
Your comics look awesome, dude!!
Hehe. You got me worried there for a moment, lol

Kuhl! We all love to make things go 'BOOM!' right?
"Boom, boom! Fire power!"
Ah! A new comic at last!

Box three is awesome, dude!
Good. It would've freak me out if he had giganto buggy eyes.
awesome! Not a lot of people take my advice, so thanks guy.
I have a kinda odd question, does the scientist dude have big glasses or big eyes?
It looks so cool in color!!
Happy to :D
I'm a writer so words are kinda my thing. It'd be pretty sad if I didn't notice it.
YIPPEEEE!!!!!! Now I understand the thing about the wall!!!!
I really like the thing about 'Building their personalities'!! I didn't quite get the thing about the wall . . . but yet again, I'm clueless.
I personally think it'd be better if both the guys didn't say "Yeah" in the last box. Couldn't you think of another word?