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Pretentious Artsy Douchebag
I'm a film student/comic artist/philosopher wannabe/passive alcoholic/sexy-son-of-a-gun from the cutest little third-world country
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    Ariel Velasco
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hooray for spanish!
I thought I was the only spanish-speaker reading this (I know, how very self-centered of me, hehe)... I'm Bolivian by the way... not that it matters.
Oh! and yah, great page, as usual.
Is it remorse? or just plain exhaustion? or both? man! this few pages have been so intense and reminiscing... it's unsettling, but I love it anyway
Well, seems to me that shit has just hit the proverbial fan, so, is there still time to join the lynchmob? I know a guy who has a nice van we can borrow.
By the way Mr. Twist, how does it feel to write a character that EVERYBODY hates?
then of course, there's always the possibility that the guys' visit has nothing to do with the Michelle thing at all
I did NOT expect, that, at all, honestly, and it seems it's gonna get ugly, I can feel it in mah belly
BUS...TED! goddammit I love this comic!
oooh cafes!
I guess I'm lucky the starbucks curse hasn't reached this far south, we've got some very good places kinda like average joe's around here, there's this one I used to go to with an old girlfriend that's managed by this kinda hardcore feminist movement, they make some tasty stuff there
you clever dog you, you tricked us there
I love how she looks a little cross-eyed, it's cute
finally an update, this calls for celebration, also, where are they going? a stripclub maybe? ooooh the suspense!
I just might get that tattoo, also, great way to wrap up the chapter, looking forward to what comes next
Rori is right, let's get back to what really matters here, Gibson's story and just how awesome it is
@ yayness: well actually I'm ok with guy on guy love, I have a few gay friends and I don't get any more uncomfortable when they hook up than when I see a straight couple do the same (but that's just because I'm a little bitter)
It's the yaoi genre that freaks me out, maybe because this girl showed me some material once and it was about a forty something year old dude doing a 14 year old boy that looked like a ballerina... so... yeah.... that's pretty much it
cheerleader... kinky... i like it.
also, yaoi kinda freaks me out (i'm not a homophobe, it's just creepy), furries too
Good job everyone, let's wrap it up!
totally saw it coming, Andy's reaction was priceless, I think I would have reacted the same way
Proof that God gives breas... er... bread to those without teeth
Jack Daniel's and a joint is a guaranteed punch in the brain, or maybe a mindrape, dunno, in my experience at least that kind of combination usually meant bad news (which I would recieve the next day 'cause I didn't remember anything)
*sigh* to be young and a raging alcoholic
God dammit, Melanie!
you poor dumb woman!