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Poor Guy
Tommy was so super excited at the prospect of Dake loving him it seemed. XD But then it's a flat out, nope.
I swear I think Shiratori is blushing in the 3rd panel. I see love. >.>
So funny. That lady isn't put off by much, is she?
Aww, he's in puppy love with him. This is such a great page.
I love it. So adorably cute. I love how all the couples are blushing somehow. >.>
I love their reactions whenever one sees the other. ^o^ Lovable.
Does this mean Tommy gets his body back? If so, yay for Eila.
Aww, I love how he's peeking over his shoulder. So cute. ^o^
Why can't she tell that Psyduck likes her.... D:
He's had a fail D: Keep trying Haru, you'll make it to him soon. (I hope) There wouldn't be a story then, (I think)
So bright O_O Great comic by the way >.<