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Haru also punched Shiratori...
Does he punch everyone that tries to get physical with him or something?
I haven't given Gil much love so I thought I'd draw something up. Also if you give him a mushroom he'll do anything for you. Hope you like it!
Name: Sheen
Age: 18
Seme/Uke: Seme
Height: 5’11”
Species: Blue and Yellow Macaw (A type of parrot)

Personality: Sheen is very self confident and is known for flirting with every and anybody (as long as they’re male). He often does things without knowing the full situation and gets in trouble easily. He loves the talk for hours on end.

Likes: Teasing the ukes, pranks, strange sex positions, talking, and tropical fruits

Dislikes: other semes that are manlier than him, seriousness, being told to shut up, and shirts (they block his wings)

Note: This was the first picture I drew of him and I liked it too much to not put it up here. I'll make another one later showing his full body.
Name: Gilbert Primrose the 4th
Nickname: Gil
Age: 14
Birthday: January 5
Seme/Uke: Uke
Height: 5’
Species: Skunk

Personality: He comes from a rich family that expects great things from him. Because of his heritage people often think that Gil’s quite ways are his snooty genes kicking in, but he’s actually just very shy and has a tendency to say rude things when he’s embarrassed.

Likes: He likes to paint and can play the piano. His favorite food is every type of mushroom. Even if he knows it’s poisonous he’ll still eat it. He has stomach problems because of this…

Dislikes: He doesn’t like that people assume skunks smell 24/7. He also dislikes it when he’s mistaken for a girl.