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I am a writer at heart. I post most of my work on my fictionpress account. I also write fanfiction, especially since the most random ideas come to me. I'm not really a good artist, so NO WEBCOMICS! 8DDD Er, yeah, but I love *reading* webcomics, and it's easier to keep track with a profile.
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September 19th, 2009
LOL, bugspray. ^^ Go Tei!
September 19th, 2009
I can tell, I'm gonna be a Kayden fan. :D Too bad Darius doesn't know him at all. XDD He'll just have to "introduce" himself. ;D
Yay, a kiss! I hope Misty comes in and sees that Ash will NEVER be hers! Mwuahaha! Great pages, by the way. FTW, totally.
LOL, bet Shiratori has some kind of martialarts belt or something. He kicked but all on his own. Can't wait to see what's next! Ohoho!
D: Wow, that's sexy. XDD Gaywad's hot! O__O Can't wait for more! XDD
Go, Pikachu! You can beat the wiles of a woman anyday! XDD
LOL, I'm one of those girls. XD He looks so cute, thoug. How can you resist, Shira-chan?
Ahaha, Emery giving advice. Well, from what we've seen, the kid must be a love guru. XD
Aw, poor Haru. XD Shiratori will just have to humor him, he's just so adorabley pathetic. >__<
No, Misty! Ash is Pika's! You've got Psy with his sexy butt, what more could you ask for?
Aww, the chibis are so cute. 8D Ahaha, the T-word gives me a headache, too. >_< Anyway, can't wait for more!
'Well, damn' is right. XDD Foaming at the mouth is ftw!
Aww, Toki's adoorable! >3< I can't wait for more!
Aww, Meowth's so adorable! Why does Persian have to be such a bastard to him? WHY!?
XD I don't think Shiratori appreciates his "niceness". However, *I* am enjoying his "sparklyness". XDD Great job again. ^^
I love everything! Trish is so cute. XD I love all of their expressins. The bottom-center panel is HANDSOME! Handsome, I say! XD Great job.
XD That voice-over was perfect. :D
Aww, Persian should stop bullying him. >_< That's not cool. Look at his adorable face --- how can he resist? D:
August 27th, 2009
XDD I love Tei. So cute and deadly, even when tiny. ^^
This is great! Seriously, this comic looks professionaly done! I love your chibis. They're so adorable! :D And your art is beautiful! I can't wait to see what Haru does. Fu, fu, fu!