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I am a writer at heart. I post most of my work on my fictionpress account. I also write fanfiction, especially since the most random ideas come to me. I'm not really a good artist, so NO WEBCOMICS! 8DDD Er, yeah, but I love *reading* webcomics, and it's easier to keep track with a profile.
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September 19th, 2009
LOL, bugspray. ^^ Go Tei!
September 19th, 2009
I can tell, I'm gonna be a Kayden fan. :D Too bad Darius doesn't know him at all. XDD He'll just have to "introduce" himself. ;D
LOL, bet Shiratori has some kind of martialarts belt or something. He kicked but all on his own. Can't wait to see what's next! Ohoho!
D: Wow, that's sexy. XDD Gaywad's hot! O__O Can't wait for more! XDD
LOL, I'm one of those girls. XD He looks so cute, thoug. How can you resist, Shira-chan?
Ahaha, Emery giving advice. Well, from what we've seen, the kid must be a love guru. XD
Aw, poor Haru. XD Shiratori will just have to humor him, he's just so adorabley pathetic. >__<
Aww, the chibis are so cute. 8D Ahaha, the T-word gives me a headache, too. >_< Anyway, can't wait for more!
'Well, damn' is right. XDD Foaming at the mouth is ftw!
Aww, Toki's adoorable! >3< I can't wait for more!
XD I don't think Shiratori appreciates his "niceness". However, *I* am enjoying his "sparklyness". XDD Great job again. ^^
I love everything! Trish is so cute. XD I love all of their expressins. The bottom-center panel is HANDSOME! Handsome, I say! XD Great job.
XD That voice-over was perfect. :D
August 27th, 2009
XDD I love Tei. So cute and deadly, even when tiny. ^^
This is great! Seriously, this comic looks professionaly done! I love your chibis. They're so adorable! :D And your art is beautiful! I can't wait to see what Haru does. Fu, fu, fu!
We definitely don't mind. XDD Wow, Ursule's an artist! XDD *I* see the resemblance, LOL. Can't wait for more. ^^
August 23rd, 2009
XD I approve. Go Tei, tell it like you see it. XD
August 19th, 2009
Tadashi doesn't need an alarm -- Tei's his personal alarm. ^_~
Ah, I finally caught up! This comic is amazing. The art, the plot, the characterization. :D Henry and Richard are my absolute favorite, though I love Liam and Ed, too. :3 Little Henry is so cute! *3* Too cute... :D Please continue soon, okay?
Aww, Bo is so cute! I wish I could have found him. XDD I'd so keep him for myself! But then he might not meet AK... D: Dilema, dilema...