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i have been writing since i was in middle school. i own a pug and a lab/pit. i am also a major anime lover and go to otakon the best con ever! lol.
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hi everyone i just recheck this page and i did notice a typo, So i quickly change it and that is why the text look different.
I am thinking of doing this to relay news tell me what you guys think
New page!
Hey everyone enjoy this new page! For more updates on what is going on with me or moonlight don't forget to like Moonlight's Facebook page!
@angelfox: let the force be with you
this is the final chapter to book 2 yay!
moonlight chibis
they are here chibies! Yay!
this is the ad they will put in the book
just to let you guys know he isn't entering her tent he is going to his own.
i love this style
your right about Moonlight's family they are lower class, when i have time i will create an info page for the conturies and their classes. if i have time XD
please look at the news posts
the people in the wagon are sadly spoils of wars. in this world if you get caught by the emeny mostly they will sell you as a slave, its an common pratice.
Moolight gotten the mark when she was lock in the tower, since he say ill treat you like a slave.
no they are not snakes its suppose to be an water pattern
the guys in the background are water soldiers taking fire soldiers
thank you all so much for waiting i know it takes a long time but i hope its worth it for you guys! sunday chapter 5 i know i post this twice but some comment on the other one and i dont want to delete that commet.
i like this one too and thouht to post it up as well its the same dialog and all just this time he losses his helmet
oh wow i made to page 50 i didnt think i would make it so far or the book becoming so popluar so soon, i hope we get more people checking out this site and you guys keep coming back i wouldnt keep going if all of you guys didnt check it out as add to your fav.s thanks so much! :D
::bows tiwce.:: thamk you all for waiting not witht he con behind me and much needed rest and my artist is feeling better we can contunie our story! thank you so much for waiting.
sorry guys for having it late i was more tired then i figure and slept almost for three days