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I'm really enjoying the comic so far it is really good!!!
no i like it i was trying to redraw one of my other characters because my art has really changed but i didn't like and scrumbled it up I'm going to try again latter.
there will not be an order just plane ahead 2 pages on who is going next.

im srry i kinda failed at this comic in not very good at them so im srry i havn't been very devoted.
i love him he is really good
wow i think she is great. And if you guys are wondering why we now have 11 authors koneko-chaan is my best friends in real life like im at her house right now so i made an acceptian to her joining this comic she will be a great help im sure. She has been planing to join this comic for a wile now so i let her join because she is my bestie. :)i hope thats ok with all of you
cool i really like it he is a good character and i still need ideas for the story every one has to contribute at lease one idea
hi guys i need those ideas here soon please just reply to the mesage i sent all of you
do yall like the new layout
wow im so happy that this comic is going some where but i do need to startthe story does anybody have any ideas how to start the story im very open for ideas. I have know idea how do start the story and i dont really know what i really want to happen in this story so im open for ideas. Go ahead and post them on this comic or pm me.
awsome :D
i am hopping that everyone is working on there characters so we can get this comic under way.
yes you send me and application and i think i accepted. did i???
what do you need to find outÉ
ok cool and u guys could send out requests but NO pixel artists!!!!!!!
im very sorry but the comic is going no where no one wants to join!!!
no i think your idea is good go ahead!
September 30th, 2009
gomygosh lolz to koneko-chaan lolz i wonder was gunna happen
September 30th, 2009
aw so sad