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P. Fluffy
anime/manga geek. i share an account with Xwee called FluffyXwee.
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    Frank West
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Haha Flitwick is adorable in that first panel. uwaaah, it's my turn! *scribbles*
I absolutely love it! You did a great job at getting their personalities in there as well. :D
Hooray! I thought everybody forgot about the comic. :/ The sorting hat song was great. :D
Yeah! We've finally reached the school.

Are we still going with everyone gets a page for their characters sorting? o3o
Oh no monster banana! Awesome page. :)
I guess I'll go after Forestninja.
Cool. We're here! But... what happened to the guys? xP
A.... werewolf? xD

Interesting, I like him. Welcome to the comic! :)
Oh whoops. Sorry forestninja, I couldn't really tell what her eye color was. xP
I am so, so, sorry this took like a week. Dx Basically I saved it at meh dad's house and didn't get a chance to go back and finish it. But it's here now!

I'll try not to take this long again D: *shot*

Super lazy backgrounds yaaaay. And the first panel is all pretty and nicely colored compared to the rest of the page...
It's all drawn and inked but only barely colored... >.<;; I don't know when I'll get a chance to finish it up...
Uwahhh, sorry I'm taking so long... (right after Vito commented on how fast we update too Dx) The next page will be up sooon. ; A ;
Aww, he's so cute. *hugs him* We have such awesome pets in this comic. xD
Yeah, walking in on the guys would've been a lot more awkward... xD
Ooh, purple hair... Hello Ravenclaw buddy! :D

Waffle is an awesome name for a cat. (and my cats name is Toast... O.e)
Silly PJ, boys are icky.

@Forestninja: the ravenclaws are some people who have sent their character to Xwee but haven't posted them yet. And yay more people! I have a friend who wants to join too so we'll possibly have all 12 people soon.
I'll go after brokenwings. So It should be Vito, brokenwings, me, and then probably Xwee.
Ahaha, great. The fact that he's awkwardly hugging her while saying all this just makes it even better. xD