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I love reading web comics and Role playing online. I love anime and manga and have a rather large colection of both now. I have tons of fun reading other people's comics and I love this place!
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October 29th, 2009
behold the power of cute heart stickers! snicker. sorry that's what poped into my head when I saw the one girl in the cornor looking at the pic. Snickers more. WE BE YOUR FANS!
ooo. can't wait to see where things go from here. hope gail gets to keep her powers and maybe finds a way to unlock ALL of her secondary powers cause I loved her ability to talk with animals. and the new lady is kind of hot even if she is trying to kill gail.
Hugs. will just continue to lurk about rereading what you have and waiting for the rebirth of the comic. Good luck with everything.
falls over giggling at her reaction to the dusty bunny. OOoo my ribs hurt but I can't stop laughing. it's such a change from the sadness of hte last page. trys to breath.
wish I could take classes where you are. I want to learn latin!!!

forest art... intresting idea.
Silvara means forest in latin. I don't know what silvarta means. will have to try and look it up. lovely comic. huggles and romps about.
interesting... was intrested since the name of your comic is very close to my chosen name. read thought your comic now.
WOOOT!!! giggles I love what you have done with yuffie.