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I love to write, draw, and listen to music.
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Well we find out how Desmond comes to be in Assassin's Creed 2 ;D So it's okay :D
Chin Meat!
Top Gear xD
Bahaha! "Fuck evolution, I wanna be a sand crab." Absolutely brilliant!
Lol "You've activated my trap card" You're beautiful!
OMG LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that Arisa-Chan mentions it...they do kinda look like steaks o.O I want a pair of steak earrings!
Agreed, Tempest, agreed. This is really cute. I love that you guys love eachother so much. My boyfriend would never clen up my period mess. The doucher. :) Still love him though.
"Mrs. Vega's a pretty cool guy."
..Faved. :D
Thats horrid :D
Ryan Reynolds?
LOL! "Jeff Goldblum!" Hilarious. I loled. I love Jeff Goldblum..
September 3rd, 2009
That sexy, sexy man. o__________o
LOL Ferngully reference ^^
*pleading eyes* Update soon? *bottom lip trembles*
...Kay. I've come to the conclusion, FINALLY, that I love Tommy.
"Oh I think they should go fuck themselves. But I found the coffee!"
Prolly XD Ah that's gorgeous.
"Hey Pinky!"
-__________- *rudefinger*

I love you lol.
Lol @ Tommy's face in the last panel. C: