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Blegh!I was hoping I would never have to get on this account again!Ah well, guess you want to know more about me right?Well, i'm a sophomore in high school I love to draw, I play saxophone and I love music.

I'm obsessed with anime and one day hope to go to Japan.I like food, food is good my favorite food is Egg Noodle soup with pork and a bunch of other things like stuffed bell peppers, my faovorite anime of all time is Bleach.It's really the whole reason why I started drawing.I liked it before it became popular too just so you know.And if you haven't read the manga go kill yourself!


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July 15th, 2008
Izninz in the Biz (Bard Alsta on MT.)
Edi s not a mary-sue!And that was just plain funny.
Yaaaay!Now I can start making pages. :3

Also, if any of you guys are good at coding would you mind making a layout?I'd love your forever and ever.
They obviously don't get a lot of female company.
May 19th, 2008
:3 YOu make even OC look good.My style is so sketchy that I can't help bt havel ines all over the place...
How great.I see a yotsuba in the background.....
I give you permission to use it! *waves wand and then precedes to beat you with it* Now update some more!
A now I see why this has next no no fans...Can you say ripped straight form Naruto?I can.
FLCL rocks...A bit weird but what anime isn't?
Oh sweet jabberwockies of jondheim it's on now.

and I like her cool sketchy style.Wacha *thumbs up*
I looove my tablet, I was actually planning on gettting Manga Studio this weekend. So that's pretty exciting. :3
You sold your DS?!HOw do you get by without Pheonix Wright?
Bad ass
What werre you using before OC?
These comics rock but they'd be even better with straight panels.Then they would be godly.
Welll maybe if a dingo ate his baby...Something along those lines.
I love how all your characters are different.
May 14th, 2008
That kitten's like. "Oh dear god, please get off of me lady."
Awww, He didn't look scary at all when he was threatening Dick.Also:

How do you get Dick out of Richard?

Back up very slowly.