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Ey whaddap? Name's Cakie. I draw stuff and most of the time don't finish things. I'm always trying to improve! OHO9
I love Babsy~ <3
\ O H O / sans doesn't waste time!

@zacksims123: Q7Q Oh you are so sweet thank you! <3
@supersatan25: I will OHO9 thank you!
Name: Craig
Age: 124
Height: 7'4''
Gender: Male
Sexuality: He's a huge rock his dick would kill you. Prolly Ace I guess he's a rock he doesn't have much need for banging BUT he has a dick so idk... maybe he desires to satisfy the carnal urges in his rock flesh. SEXUALITY IS FLUID IT IS A MYSTERY~

Species: ROCK MAAAAAN. He's some kinda Golem that can change from bein a movable earth substance to ROCK FUCKING HARD.

Job Position: One of the owners, and the bartender.

Personality: He is prolly one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet. He doesn't age and so he can literally out wait you forever but don't worry, he's pretty indifferent to almost everything so he'll hardly get in anyone's way. He's quiet, preferring to listen but with frequent moments of 'humor'. He loves puns. Rock puns. He is a rock and a bartender. Expect the worst. He does everything on a whim, what else does he have to do? Mortality means nothing to him so he's careless and reckless but not unbreakable. He's just a huge rock so not a lot of things can break him but he CAN be broken. He does things because he wants to and if he ever doesn't want to, he won't, simple as that. He is rather lazy and chill, and slow both in taking his time to think and answer and also in his movements but he's steady.

Background: He's a Golem. He has a body made of animated rock and with magic it is mobile and flexible almost like tough clay. He can 'tense' his body at will like flexing and that part of him will turn to hard rock. He can go full rock man for things like throwing out scum at the bar or for sitting outside in the sun to get nice and warm. Cats like to lay on him when he does this.

The patches on his body are places that are hard rock, he doesn't really notice or care they're there but they're a lot harder than the rest of his skin, but not as hard as when he's 'flexed'.

He wears flip flops because he gets a little bigger when he's full rock and he's tired of buying new shoes, his feet are big its hard to find his size so he can just kick these off easy.
Name: Kurt Matthews
Real Name-(Connel Anderson)
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Closeted Homosexual
Species: Human

Job Position: Prostitute (undercover cop)

Personality: Jaded and cold when he isn't playing his role as the quiet, unmemorable new sex worker. He is bitter and angry and viciously homophobic. When not at work he carelessly throws slurs into the air like he breathes them. The venom he holds for gay people is almost too much, a very aggressive front he puts on because he is in a deeply rooted denial of his own sexuality. Sometimes even in his role he can't truly delve comfortably into 'being gay' because it makes him feel so uncomfortable. He uses this job which he volunteered for as every excuse for the things he does to let himself out so he doesn't have to admit he liked it.

Having sex with him is usually heaven because he will god damn worship you for having a dick.

History: He's from Texas, both his parents were hella fucking christian. His neighbourhood was hella fucking christian. It was drilled very thoroughly into his head being gay was the worst thing in the world and surrounded by so much hostility and realizing who he was he had to suppress it. It was hard, he tried to rebel at first and hope maybe he was alright but was consumed with self hatred when every weekend at church and every day at home he was told he was a monstrosity.

He had a period of time where he hurt himself, underneath his tattoo there are soft smilie faced scars where he would burn himself with lighters. If this time ever comes up he refers to it as his 'Tantrum'. He got the tattoo to cover them up.

He got his tattoo to cement what he had to be, to hide his weakness scorched into his flesh and be a bold, permanent reminder of what he couldn't be. He cried when he got it and he hates that tattoo. It was his first and currently only.

He found it easier to stay on the right path if he was hateful, if he just despised those filthy, greedy gays for giving into temptation and part of the ire is sincere since he is horribly jealous of them deep down that they can be themselves.

He left Texas and became a police officer which made his parents very proud and as an officer he has had moments of being far too abusive to people he detains. He uses them at times to release his anger and usually its always towards LGBT seeming individuals. Since Black Lites is seedy af and all sorts of illegal happenings go on there the police have taken notice and Connel volunteered to pose as a prostitute working there to find out just what was going on at the bar, saying he wanted to "Stick it to those faggots."

Extra Facts:

-He has a soft texan accent
-He can't stand religion, its burned him and although he is crushed under its rules he resents it for restraining him. He did his praying to god and feels betrayed by him.
-He fucking loves guys. He can only really let go when he's in bed with one because all they have to do is fuck and he can give in to his body and say its for his job. He quickly loves his position in this mission and he delays ratting Black Lites out because he can't bear to go back hiding just yet.
I want to touch his ears *7*
THIS PRETTY BOY! <33333333333333 *licks him*
Name: Yoru Aaron
Age: 19
Height: 6'1''
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual

Species: Panda man! \O7O/

Job Position: A regular fighter

Personality: Kind hearted and in matters of the heart a major softie. He's loyal to the people he cares about but once he doesn't care about you anymore that loyalty can wane. He's pretty understanding so you'd have to wrong him for him to discard your companionship. He's a people person who finds beating the shit out of someone a good way to bond and let out his aggressions but consensually and there is a firm limit to how far you go. He doesn't like being home and will totally be up for all night adventures.

He is a puffy beefcake that is very swol cuz he works out often. His fighting style is a kind of rough boxing style since he taught himself and before discovering the bar he would fight on the streets. He's powerful and quick with his jabs but when it comes to dodging he isn't too practiced in that. If the fight gets intense he'd rather face the problem head on then duck out of the way.

Background: His family is teetering on the edge of collapse. His father is abusive towards his mother, who is too weak both physically and financially, and tangled in her husband to get out. She tries to tough it out for her son and daughter but all Yoru wants is to get her and his sister out of there. He can't stand to be home, to be insulted by his father and torn apart by his words since Yoru is too strong to be hit by him. He regrets it, but he can't handle seeing his mother's submissive behaviour to his father, being home ruins him so he is almost always out and then when he does come home its always explosive and most of the time he has to pick up his mother's fallen pieces.

He used to be angry, repressed and bitter but ever since he started exploring fighting he became a happier person, able to pound out his hurt and feel the numbing rush of getting hit himself. If the parallels between him and his father are ever brought up he will get violently defensive since he hates his father, but takes to violence just like he does.

-He is a delinquent. He picks fights with people on the street, wanders the town all night, sneaks into private buildings or construction sites.
-He's a huge mama's boy and is so sweet because of her
-He is a very supportive friend. If you need him he's there but he'll also tell you what's what if you go too far.
-He fights to get enough money to support his family and get them away from his father.
@Cute2KnowU: Yeah of course! And thank you! owo
Ok so now that everyone is settled down ect the next person to reply can make it the morning, this now also allows our patiently waiting members to throw their characters in! If you wanna draw next and have ur character walk into hangover central go for it!
*7* squosh <3

so cuuute an gams, firey babe u tell im! OHO9
XDD Auberon ilu

and omg ur fae is so cute i jus wanna squeeze em! >w<
awwww I love their family they look so good!
whooooa! o0o lots of art! I expect to see these cameos! owo
omg that lil shit! Love him!

and ol kingy over there is lookin pretty- *wink wonk winkity wink*
Sorry we've been inactive for so long! There were some issues bouncing around about who was doing this reply comic and then not doing it.

If anyone wants to reply to this feel free though I would like to warn you that I want to try and wind down to ending this night as we have some lovely artists lying in wait for their opportunity to throw their characters at us.
I love ur expressions aiai! >7<
o0o thats so cool that you get fan art! looks good owo