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Artist. writer. Flash animator. I pwnz the Ooniverse with my mad mad cartoon creationz.
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I am alive :D I seem to go through random spurts of aliveness... ANYHOO, yes. Start a chapter or something, let's get a story going. I'm thinking... a rival cafe opens across the street? Dun dun dunn
I did it ^.^ Sorry so late in replying, I was awayyyy.
Just a doodle. I'm willing to keep going if you areee :D

Sorry its huge o.O;;
I am moving house today, therefore loosing the interwebs for hopefully-not-an-entire week! You guys try to get a page out while I'm gone ^_- I shall returns~
there will be more pages! I am moving house today, therefore loosing the interwebs for hopefully-not-an-entire week! I shall update when I returns~
Naw it looks really good ^.^ I love the tones on the hair and your chibis are adoooorable <3 Do you have any more pages, or should I go and do mine now?
November 16th, 2010
I love the first panel o.o The shading and the drawing and the sleeping... awesome.
....reality what-now?

Urg. Sorry, it's a bit big -_-;
November 15th, 2010
She's preeeetty :)
Kyo, do you wanna go or shall I?
Sexy cop action is sexy.
xD I love Selphie's expression in the 'retard -.-' panel. Well done, your art has gotten better :D
who wants to go next? :D
Jonah wuvs Yin-Yin!
That's ADORABLE. Imma make the next page! It'll be up... either later tonight or tomorrow~ Its almost 11pm here -_-;
We'll get more if we need more. I'm glad you're still here, Kyo <3
Oh internets how I've missed you...
I moved to a new place! And I JUST got the internet back yesturday, so naturally the first thing I did was whip up these two new pages for you guys :D

I miss doing this comic...

Who else is still here? Sound off if you want to keep going with this! And somebody rescue Jonah from Rei's wrath! Pointing isn't very nice. Tsk tsk.
Yay! and... ZOMG, fluffy, your avatar is adorable, I could watch it all day *bouncebouncebounce* :DD
There Fluffyfishy, you can totally go now :DD
3OH3, why don't you do the next page? Have selphie cheering or something and then danta shows up ^.^

I am seriously laughing off my hind quarters! I got an email back from one of the voice actors and he'd done all Jonah's lines from the scripts, about 6 different takes for each one. And it's HILARIOUS. I mean, I can only listen to about two sets before I have to pause it cause I'm laughing so hard. I threw together a little flash file so you guys can hear what his voice is gonna sound like. It's AWESOME.

On top of that, I got a confirmation for the person I contacted to voice Terry! So Terry officially has a voice actor now :D