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I'm a high school student that dreams of starting her own comics.
I have quite a few stories in line. Hopefully you'll like them.
Satan's Sideshow (starting)
Black Vemon (on hold)
The Secret Life of Misfits (starting soon)
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I'm rather surprised this hasn't happened sooner. If fire pokemon have gone through that forest and used a fire attack I'm sure one of the pokemon would have gone running into the trees/bushes, thus starting a wildfire. George is silly.

Also Pokemon can die, unless they decided the original games no longer apply. There are the graveyards in Lavender town; you talk to some of the people and they are mourning their lost pokemon.
Oh man... Victor, your face.
I have yet to name mine.... But I also have fourteen sitting in my house just starting at me. It gets kinda creepy when I walk by to go mine.
Murder puppy was a good wolf, he followed his master til his death. :I
hahah.... I thought you could only get wolves with monsters turned on... I've been killing myself for nothing then. :B

Yeah, be careful, wolves tend to like jumping off cliff, like full blown running off cliffs.... I never let then leave home now.
I was listening to Oomph! all yestreday, this of course made my day. <3
All I have to say is DAMN, your art improved so much from the first couple of pages of Perfect Paranoia.

This story looks pretty good... Plus I love steampunk. Fav. <3
December 2nd, 2008
He had a reason! Dl<
December 2nd, 2008
magical disappearing wounds!
I'm not used to winged reptilians, but when it to insects the females usually can't fly to save their lifes. Sorry that was random.
He seems more likely to decline.
1. I'd really like to see how it all came about, and the reactions of the two. It's an interesting story, and I like the plot and all. Though I don't really want to see the sex part, I just want to see how it adds to the plotline.
2. I'm not really sure. I'd aim for something that wasn't a happy ending, since it wouldn't make too much sense, and it'd be way to cliché for me.
3. Not really sure about that. There haven't been enough pages to convince me of a favorite character. I feel detached from them at the moment.
Hah, I knew there was gonna be a reason for hating her.... I loathe her. D:<
Hahah, he has arms and you don't. 8D

Wait, is Christian using an axe or a mallet?

Run Max run!
I knew this was coming. Don't hurt Max please? 8<
For some odd reason this reminds me of a scene from one piece... Okay I'm done now.
Hmmm... they remind me of a certain group of people. >.>
Hahah, he's licking him.
c: *finds that funny*