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♥ Drawing (Guess what I love drawing. No, seriously, guess.)
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November 19th, 2011
You're Here Early
<p><br /></p><p>Reaver<br />Reaver moved down the dirty street slowly, his cane having been left behind for the sake of silence as he moved, shoes clicking softly, coat tails fluttering behind him. He moved to his factories, meaning to have some work done by the morn. He turned for the side gate, slipping in slowly and silently.</p><p>He stopped as he came to the front gate and managed a weak, tired smile as he saw the young Queen standing, looking rather worn.</p><p>"Your Majesty? You are here early."</p><p>The Queen<br />"Er, heh... why, yes. Yes I am."</p><p>Reaver<br />He blinked, placing a hand in his pocket.</p><p>"I was not expection anyone here so early. What business do you have with me?"</p><p>Barry Hatch<br />Mumbling a curse, he stepped a little further back into the shadows, eyes following the two warily.</p><p>The Queen<br />"Er... just passing through the area and... and I thought I'd pay this old place a visit. Quite a lot of memories you know. Coming across you shooting those feisty little worker bees of yours, inciting Reaver Team Spirit and what not..."</p><p>Reaver<br />He chuckled then and nodded, shaking his head as if it were some funny little memory,</p><p>"Ah yes I recall it, I did not see you hiding off to the side, I should have known you were there. This is one of the last factories I have open now, you know... had to take my business elsewhere. Come, would you like me to show you around this fine establishment?"</p><p>The Queen<br />Her heart skipped a beat, "Y-yes, of course!"</p><p>She was not sure whether she was more excited to potentially bump into Barry or to be walking alongside Reaver&mdash;not that she'd let the latter ever catch on to this notion.</p><p>Reaver<br />He nodded and turned on his heel, moving into the double doors with that same sense of importance he always carried, despite his head ache.</p><p>"Come, come! We have much to see before those mangy workers come filing in."</p><p>The Queen<br />"So tell me, what exactly is this factory producing these days? Last I recall it was a meat packing plant... but it smells much less dead these days."</p><p>Barry Hatch<br />Taking his opportunity, he slips out of the shadows and jogs over.</p><p>"Mastah, suh, Weavah..?"</p><p><br /></p>
November 18th, 2011
Early Mornings in Bowerstone Industrial
The Queen
The Queen of Albion was skulking about Bowerstone Industrial's seedier areas, visiting some of the old fight clubs. She was partaking in rather violent, yet sportsmanly nostalgia when she first overheard rumors of a noblewoman's death in Millfields.

The Queen had stepped out of Ye Old Fist Club with a bloody nose, a cut above her eye and a pleased, victorious smile on her face.

Barry Hatch
Barry made his way towards Reaver's primary factory, one hand pressed to his temple, a deep frown set into his face.

He slowed as he saw her, his frown turning to something more uncertain. A moment passed, and then he resumed his pace, walking as quickly as he could manage past the club, hands buried in his pockets.

The Queen
Oblivious to Barry's presence, she started shadow boxing as she walked, bouncing on her feet with almost childlike energy and enthusiasm.

Barry Hatch
Glancing back, he slowed his pace, continuing on towards the factory. Daft woman hadn't seen him, thank Avo.

Moving down the street, he stepped through the gates to Reaver Industries main plant and sighed, glancing up at the building with an almost sour expression.

The Queen
She saw a shadow pass her by and recognized a familiar red haired man from behind—she froze, face going red and nose bleeding just a little more.
November 18th, 2011
<iframe width="420" height="24" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<div align="center">[ 1752, Albion ]
Albion has once again come to flourish under the new Queen's rule. The kingdom has united under a single banner and peace and rest have at last come to the land. The darkness was vanquished, but something is stirring in the shadows once more.

When a noblewoman is found mauled to death on the banks of Millfields, a cry of sorrow rises out, but the matter is laid to rest with her corpse. Not a night later, a second body is discovered by the lake.The following weeks sees a rise in the body count, and slowly all suspicion turns towards Balverines. What was at one point a dying breed has suddenly seemed to bounce back, and each night the body count rises.

A choice must be made.

It may be time for Albion to take up its weapons against one of its oldest enemies. For good.

The extermination has begun.
So badass...
It seems our narrator feels everything related to her mother is badass. W-w-w-wait, is that who I think it is?!
The last two panels aren't in Right to Left order. My bad folks. I'll be on top of that in the next pages.
"Bed Boobs Win Big." Awesome!!

I'm loving this comic so far, especially poor Mamoru and his unbedded booty call. This is gonna be gold, man. Keep it up! &#9829;