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short and tiny for age
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i love how after finding out about simon, sergio gets all blushy each time simon touches him, so much kuteness!!!!!!!!
even more father son love uber kute!!!! i keep forgettig that despite their mature attitudes (Well sergio's anyway)simon and sergioare still in fact kids
more father son love so kute!!!!!
awww father son moment sooo kute!!!!
this comic is totally causing me to picture simon and sergio in a full on fluffy boys love relationship
sergio looks like he's about faint after finding out his loud mouthed, slightly bratty, but extremely cute counterpart is the person he has the biggest crush on. OH THE DRAMA!!!!!!
her cutest will totally ruin the simonXsergio romance thats budding!!! off with her head!!!!!!
if you thought sergio was in love then look at him now, he's totally having fangasm right now!!!!!! luv dis!!!!!!