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I'm a Computer science major with ambitions about becoming a game designer. And that's all you need to know.

I will try to update Reapers at least once a week. By Mid August I should have a schedule for the comic.
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An update????
Okay so a very long time after the start of chapter 1 we finally have the second page and are beginning to learn why Lin seems to despise every living thing on the planet.

Anyways comments are appreciated and Thank you for checking my comic out.
Stupid english people...
and their inability to spell while talking.
Lin's Incarceration
Meet Lin. Lin is a Reaper and she hates you she hates me, she hates everyone. Geez she's a cold hearted bitch.
Your art is simply amazing I can't wait to see more of this comic.
Difference between throwing and droping
Just chiming in on the people who don't believe that you can kill someone with a penny.

The terminal velocity of a penny is only about 67mph. However Terminal velocity is using the only relevant force being gravity acting on the object. When you throw something you apply additional force which allows you to exceed the terminal velocity of the object. For comparison the terminal velocity of a baseball is around 89 mph where as there are pitchers whom can get the ball moving as fast as 110 mph.
Of course no one wanted to be tutored
Geez Ku. What did you expect no one wants to be tutored by such a perverted person...

The end is Nigh
Well I was going through the dialogue that I had planned out for the prologue and it just seemed a little redundant so this will be the last page of the prologue. Starting with the next page the characters will be introduced. Hope you guys enjoy.

Remember to please Rate, Comment, and pass it on if you like it.
August 2nd, 2009
Good work so far...
Hey just wanted to leave you a post and tell you that you are doing a great job. I'd like to recommend a couple things to make your comic stand out a little more.

First I would recommend that you do your text digitally it will allow you to do two things first provide your audience with a fuller image because you can do your thought bubbles digitally as well. And I would recommend that you put some sort of border around the entire comic to tie everything together a little better. other than that great job and I look forward to seeing how you will do in the future.
The fall
So not real happy with how this page turned out and will probably redo it in the future but I wanted to get something up. Probably going to upload the rest of the prologue (next 5 pages) within the next week or so.

So please read, review, and rate and I'll see you guys later.
The War Continues
Okay well I had the time to do a page so I decided to upload it now still don't know when I will be able to set a time each week to upload.
The War Begins
Welcome to Reapers. This isn't actually my first attempt at this story. Each time I've tried I've ended up either receiving a shock which changed my outlook on the topic, had a sudden jump in artistic ability, or been to busy to work on it.

If you have seen any of my previous attempts at this story you know that Reapers has always been somewhat of a dark story. You also will recognize most if not all of the characters. The title "Reapers: A Prologue to War" is due to two things. First "Reapers" was already taken as a title. Second the topics it is discussing are along that theme.

Now then I'd like to thank all of you whom are reading this. Please if you enjoy it tell a friend, post it in your blog, or send out a mass spam email. This first set of 8 Pages are the prologue to the actual story which reveal the origin of the reapers. Hopefully this will make more sense to you all as the story progresses.