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my name is DeAnise but you can call me nisey ^-^
i like Manga, anime, drawing, listening to music, hanging out with friends and playing DDR
and im not good with telling ppl about myself cause i find myself preeetty boring XD
so if you want to know anything just pm me
kbai!!~ >w<
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haha im waiting for this so happen >w>
it soooooo will!!~
oh and btw, meet rini's sistah from anoder mistah KY!! :D
this tends to happen to me allot with my friend... sometimes she even bites me =n='
and i didnt realize it till last minute that unlike one of my other pages this one is read right to left! ohsnap XD
anyhoo, ill start making pages right->left from now on. its become a habit :O

oh my! >.<
meh, so its been a while hehe .__.'
and as a welcome back i give u a poorly draw picture done in with terrible coloring >.<
im sorry! this is...just horrid =_='
i will do MUCH better next time -hasnoexcuse-

Yaaaaaaay!! *glomps-happy dances* \(^~^)/
September 5th, 2009
Good answer! ;]
September 5th, 2009
And that's exactly what I did after XD
September 5th, 2009
My best friend made me promise the same thing >w<
Jack is so kewl!! X3
Sparkle power activate!! *o*
Lol,hooray for updates :D
haha ya its a filler!! :D
makes me wanna go surffing...and then fall and totally fail cause i cant surf for apple sauce XP
omg! its the 2nd page, woo!! *dances*
hehe sorry [again >.>] for such crappy work *slaps self* but yeah hope ya like :3
hmm...i just realized it reminds me alot of naruto *slaps self again* XD
well in that case 3rd page is commin soon BELIVE IT! *dies from laughter*
yay! the first page out of many :D
im soooo sorry for tha crappy artwork 3:
but i will do better next time!! *w*
so please enjoy! (*~*)v

p.s. this has happened to me a few times >w<
Aw it's been so long since the last update 3:
oh well ish ok ur prolly ├╝ber busy :3
Hope ya update soon mkay!! ^w^
*glomps Camilo*
*sigh of relife* yay! I've gotten so used to ur art work, I like it very much :D
She's so aweshom!! :D
Lol "happy Easter!" X3
Though its not as bad as forgetting ur own name >n<'
Fooray!! ;w;
Oh snap crackle pop! :O
Haha gotta love that game...though I crash every 10 seconds X3