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I'm from NSW, Australia!
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Kakus' hair is now un-wild.
Kakus' hair is now un-wild.
I just started reading today and this comic is awesome dood!
It looks like a pokeball!
It is a shiny ball! Yipee!
If you turn the page, be ready for spoilers! So if you don't want to know, don't read it!
Ooh! The piece of Eden!
Here's a pretty early comic-y pic. Alty is wondering about his abilities.
A better picture of Ezio
I hate those beggars!
Altair hiding in plain sight.
Ezio in his Assassin outfit.
My first attempt at Ezio! Sorry, a bit blurry.
I sort of ruined the circle! Anyway this is s'posed to look like the Vitruvian Man, made by Ezio's good friend leo.
Yeah, I don't know why I put three there... Anyway, this one features my early archer design!
Alty is making his escape from a guard, little does he know, another is just above him!
There's Ezio disarming his opponent and using their weapon against them!