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Back from the dead.

Was on here 2008-2010, started a sprite showcase that far outlived me, came back 2018.
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@The Magnificent Z: I listen to vaporwave while I'm getting high
No being gay in the comments.
This is good art which you should spam Reidys with
Is this in the SAZ Eu?
I don't really get why having the reincarnation of Hitler smoking your products helps develop a positive brand image but whatever Marlboro.
Smiffy provides the narration voice over
Do it we’re making a Death Note spin-off starring Remmis
I thought that link was obvious it’s narrated by Smiffy
Why yes, this is a shameless advertisement for this showcase's creator's new comic
I think you legally get to do one every 8 years so here it is:

Edit: also yeah this is literally the first comic I’ve uploaded to this site in 8 years
Arc 1 - Emotion
Cyrus, leader of Team Galactic, has gained control of the legendary Pokémon Azelf, the Bringer of Willpower; but thanks to Twinleaf Town residents Lucas and Barry, Mars was stopped from capturing Mespirit the Bringer of Emotion at Lake Verity. It showed them a vision of the world under the tyrannical rule of Cyrus which he intends to carry out by enslaving Sinnoh's mythological Dialga and Palkia to control time and space as he wishes. Now Galactic seek to expand their influence in lower Sinnoh to strengthen their next attempt on Lake Verity and the Bringer Of Emotion.

Here is the poll for the next update:

>Choose a character to begin game as:



SO yeah. I made this a a little while ago and then started writing a plot for it and now I am ready to begin teasing you the comic in the form of the this intro thing. Updates I'm not too sure when I'll figure it out soon and inform you all. Also poll ends whenever the hell I feel like it I guess just before I figure out when my update schedule will b. (Pls b kind this is my first comic written and uploaded to this site I like 8 yrs lol)

(Also just to be clear, all three will have their introductory chapters at the same length this choice is not plot changing it's merely choosing which one's chapter goes first.)
(PS you should choose Barry his first page is the most actiony)
Do you think Alice feels embarrassed when she lays eggs in front of Neroe?
effects look great!
This is a pretty liberal interpretation of the Air Bud franchise
I have no idea what’s going on but love the drawing.

Also how did you embed the image in the author comment? I need to re-learn the HTML tricks I can use on here
Added some more poses,
And you get to see what ones I'm moving on to next.
Awesome drawing! I have soo much nostalgia for blob Remmis. at the time I didn't even know what was wrong with the shading (look at my fox in that sheet with literally no shading) so I was really impressed by them haha.

Look guyus she's plugging Remmy's Randomz, she's gonna revive RSL for sure confirmed