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Blitz Ark
Well, I like making sprite comics and stuff. Computers.. music..

The average 13-year old.
Awesome illustrations and a really good twist to the DBZ plots!

Excellent! I'm putting it in my favourites right away.
My sprite is a recolour of starfox.

I vote starfox.
Oh Shut ueeeep!
Starfox. Blitz have starfox remake as author sprite.

You look like you've gained weight though.
Being a fox is hard.

Being a killer fox is harder then balls.


Go crazy.

No, I dun getit.
Hoo-ray ray
No,I don't getit.
I don't get it Mr. Jack.

You dissed my previous author sprite as noobish and crap in MTSC, and now you use it.

I'm not sure what planet we're both on here, but I'm confused.
Its cool in a random way.

Oh, and Alex, you should design a plot. I've just thought of a new idea for a comic.
Wth is the fourth wall?
I keep changing my avatar because I've found a billion things to put my avatar as.

And shading.. what the hell is shading in a comic anyway?
Blitz Ark
August 18th, 2006
LOL! Nice one!