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i like anime of all kinds i love drawing i like writing im lazy crazy and oh so amazing and terribly conceited but gosh golly i can't help it lol :) lol sorry i can't help but love rhyming :)
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Heheheehehe you have me dying from laughter :) I really love your comic. spazzy-ness is awesome heh reminds me of me when I think out loud :)
insane?O.o maybe :)
I don't care what anyone else says its written all over his face he totally wanted his liver and or spleen i_i The 2nd panel he's like oh no he figured me out …and yes I shall stick to my insane thoughts :)
Just wanted to tell you I loved your comic even if you never come back :)
Dies of a nose bleed ha hot :) heh sex hair is cute
TT_TT damn chu
Wah so mean…though I love the page :T and just an inch away from closing the gap so cruel :)
hilarious :D
NOT HIS LIVER HE STILL HAS TO PARTY Hheheehe its okay I would have the same thoughts I just wouldn't flash them thats just crazy :)
Awwwwz there so cute
Gah so awesome love it
awesome !!!
Lol biohazard glasses…how do you even do that to glasses O.o :)
masochist i swear heh ...i suck i,
um ya
hiya um enjoy heh :) give it a chance I know it looks dumb TT_TT
No more next button i,i more please :D
Lol naruto would be the one. I love it keep going please <3
Awwwz its really cute :)
i declare a kiss heh
Awwwwz so cute :)
he'II probably tell him to go sleep on the floor so cruel-_-... it be so cute if he crawled in bed w/ him tho :D i think the OH MY is lokes porn tho ha :)
TT_TT Scary
TT_TT so sad n cute my poor baby
lol it does look like that AWESOME THOUGH!!!hmmm so does this really make him a dick head??? lol jk