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I love to write. Currently, I'm working on two sci-fi novels, but I hope to be a screenwriter. I also love spriting. And I love Kirby. My main comic is Chilly's Dreamland, but usually, I like to be more original.

I am a Christian. I trust Jesus as my savior. If you have any questions about my faith, feel free to PM me.

Comic stat-ish stuff:

Chilly's Dreamland: Complete.

Sprytts: Season 1: Complete. Season 2 (released as a separate comic) under debate.

Practice Class: I make it when I'm goofing off. UPDATE: Discontinued.

Jeff the Goombah: Parody. Bad on purpose. Really easy and fun to make.

Shameless Advertisements/Dauntless Advertisements: Didn't start them. I'm just one of many co-authors.
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I think I'm the only person on the planet who likes oatmeal raisin cookies.
February 23rd, 2018
*dramatically zooms in
It's D. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
Noooo Fran stop being a stereotype
October 23rd, 2017
Is that the genie thing from Beetle Borgs? (His name escapes me).

And I see Morganna.
October 16th, 2017
I should write something.
"Why do we even have that lever?"
The plot thickens!
The possible template for a possible CYOA I might possibly make. I'm uploading here to see if it's too big.
Try to remember your hobby.
If that's a drawer, open it and see what's inside.
> Jump up and try to grab the purple thing on the light.
Thanks! I really appreciate that. Thank you for reading!

Despite it's horrible art and small fan-base, I don't consider this comic to be a failure; it was more of a learning experience, and there were points where I genuinely enjoyed making it.
But yeah, everything that would have made the comic worthwhile would have taken tens of chapters to establish, which is why the first chapter is so awkward on it's own.
But again, thanks for reading anyway!
Alright, that's it for chapter 1!'s the deal. I got five pages into chapter 2...and then just stopped. It's not because I'm's because I'm quitting the comic.
This was meant to be experimental, and I was on the fence about it the whole time. Part of why I did this was to see if I enjoyed/could get better at drawing, and what I found was that even a primitive, ms paint comic like this is a lot of work. It was really tedious.
As for the comic itself, I have mixed feelings. It moves way too slowly (I mean, practically nothing happened in this chapter), and while it is fun to poke at mundane stuff, it helped me (by trail and error) realize I prefer to do things that are more epic and action packed. This comic was an attempt to combine high sci-fi, action adventure with mundane sitcoms (eventually), but I don't think it blended well.
There are things I like about it, and I've grown really attached to the characters (most of whom haven't appeared), but overall I don't want to put this much work into it. It was meant to be casual and it turned into a big distraction.

The truth is, comics were more of a hobby for me overall. I don't want to definitively say I'm retiring, because I have a few ideas for some simplistic, "joke" comics, far as bigger story arcs and presentable artwork go, I think I'm done. As much as I love visual storytelling, I'm just not good at it, so I think I need to focus on just writing for now.

So...this comic isn't really popular anyway, but if anyone secretly loves it for some reason, now's the time to say it. I'm not denying the possibility of coming back to this, but if I do I'll have to fix the pacing problem. According to the script I have, it take four chapters for the two main characters to become friends. In fact, I'm eight chapters in and we've hardly been introduced to some of the main characters. And it took, like, weeks just to do the bus chase seen. So...yeah. I apologize to anyone who wanted to see where this is going...but I'm afraid your in the minority, and I'm out of energy. Have a good one!
April 17th, 2017
I drew the school in it's entirety on paper a long time ago. I wanted to try to recreate it here, but there was only room for this small angle, and I didn't want to devote an entire page to it.

In case you can't tell from the shot, the building is architecturally improbable and contradictory. Also, it's bigger on the inside than it is outside, like the Aquabats' battletram.

........What is this "Tardis" you speak of?
April 17th, 2017
If you've been paying attention to the background art, then by now you know they're surrounded by one, very long, grey building.
That'll teach it to...turn out to be a monster...and attack people....
What an absolutely terrible joke.
Uh oh, I'm getting Sprytts flashbacks...