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Hello there! I was an animation teacher temporarily in the Philippines teaching young students how to animate in various media, the end result being 3d animation.

I want to make web-comics as a side hobby to help sharpen and keep up my skills in drawing and storytelling; to give me incentive than merely doing art for its own sake. I want to SHARE and get out those many stories I have buried inside me :)
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Unfortunately over time, their own bad breaths will make them pass out :P..of course if they can breath in those helmets, I assume there is ventilation,so both ideas are
November 9th, 2009
awesome scene there...I so wanna see this as a office hit instantly!
November 9th, 2009
agreed, that was my thought process exactly..I wanted to comment on EVERY ONE but felt compelled to read on...until this post in agreement with your ah so much fun!
well there won't be any lack of drama. When religions collide mwahahaha

I'm glad I keep it to a spiritual level and don't involve myself with religion..I love free thinking hehe :D

heh indeed. Guerrilla style converts lol
awww the magic of love...

Awesome comic!
oooh hes tiny! adorable! I could just pick him up and squeeze him and pet him and call him George! ahem! hehe
Just how does one UN-fan a comic? I wanna know so I can avoid doing that by accident.
I honestly don't know what Sanguine_Banana is talking about....the only difference is angle, position. I see no fat lol. As seen in many webcomics, style and quality and skill change for the better as long as the artist never gives up!
So hell yeah continue to amaze us...I so can't wait until your style has matured into something comfy and just takes time so I will enjoy the ride and see improve with each panel! wheeee! I will do that sme for my ne comic :D

as for a kind and constructive critique, the story is kind of confusing..things seem to be happening really fast and almost random , although part of that may be me reading too fast. PEACE!
to me its Mercer Mayer meets the Addams family. Great Style!
I promised I wouldn't cry...oh well there it goes..all gooshy now!
whoah! didn't see that coming!
I would take candy from him, provided I could shove it up his nose and out through his yes he looks evil!
I want noodles! yumyumyum
oh sweet cover art there...would be great in print as well
I wanna LOLDOG!..I like me dogs
haha he almost said p**** ...even funner hat he COULD have , internal voice and great!..and yes a brief illusion that the cat might have been talking..classic!
August 2nd, 2009
love doesn't die, even if the body is destroyed..still sad though
haha too funny! Reminds my of my now passed away dog, Shadow...very much like that, always wanting attention
I miss her....good memories though ^.^