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Darc Th
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No soul?
Robots wont flinch at a corpse... And can't be taken over my evil overlords in search of slaves...
Side note
Im not raciest btw its just a joke...
In this comic Shadow and Mario meet and old freind
I guess its okay...
Ven is back and dumd again

Also can someone else make a comic...
Welcome back?
I come back to get my i-phone with my... stuff in it but... you get the point
Well this comics geting more and more un active so i made one
...[insert speech here]
smash ball from smash bros brawl :)
Lol a ball is our fuel source :)
oh yeah and be sides the planet is in the suns athmesfear or something so that means the ship is there to
thats what i put what your blind
I bet nobbody knows hes idea
i dont know why zack dosen't know that
We are all ganna die
id fix that mistake but i dont't want yeah im back, with a better look.
yes yes we were