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Was too tired/lazy to think up a good username.

Likes: yaoi, occasional yuri, manga, books, drawing, listening to music, etc.
Dislikes: homophobes, anything school related (in reality. In a comic it's fine), being reminded of stuff constantly, etc.
hobbies: sketching comics, typing up stories, reading, etc.
occupation: ...slight part-time worker for my ma's job (helping out, but I'm getting paid!)

(school has started...the one thing I MOST dislike with a violent passion)

P.S.: I have the worst habit of changing my icon...a LOT.
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August 25th, 2011
...that was a dick move right there! *rolls up newspaper* Troy, that was totally an ass move! Look at what you did! Apologize! *starts smacking him with newspapers*
I can't believe this! And little Djordi isn't even there to cheer him up! Ohmigawd...why, Troy? WHY?!

I mean, you coulda just said that you weren't ready for another relationship - not go into a long-ass, hurtful, explanation and then be like 'shit! bad thing to say!'. But nooooooooo, you just had to go into an explanation, a HURTFUL explanation.
Even I'm crushed.
*shakes him* You tell us who this freakin' Maddy is NOW, young man!

Mika just pretend you ran into him! Like...a pretend-date with Sammie... *shakes fist* I mean, you could make it a false 'double-date' and talk to both Sam and Alex and stuff.
If you REALLY like him you'd stop this and discreetly get his attention away from that freak *stares at the man*
August 14th, 2011
It's the new RAPE-FACE OAO

Don't worry D, things will look up eventually. Just...just don't push this subject too much. I would make things end BADLY. Worse than taking advantage of someone's drunken state and etc., etc.

I want to know who this Maddy is. If Troy looks THIS uncomfortable it must be a not-so-pleasant memory and stuff.

That and...
That was a TERRIBLE coverup, Troy! 'Maddy' and 'Brandy' don't sound that close in how they sound, only the 'dy' part sounds the same! *shakes fist* Let D make you feel better - taaaaaaaalk about your feeeeeeeeeeeeeelingssssss!
I need to redraw this page because, looks like 'utter shit' and all that. Plus I've decided to give it a better storyline and stuff - I'll leave the other pages alone, no worries - and I also need to get used to drawing Bleach again.

Apologies to those who expected a real page.
July 29th, 2011
I want some of that food now, SO MUCH! It's like 3 in the morning, I'm looking at this and...I want food >w< Dj that rice is makin' me hungry! (at looks like rice to me)

And Troy's face! Oh my - yes! That is the cutest little face I have ever seen~ I wanna pinch his cheeks *flails about* And dude, c'mon! How can you not see that blush - oh, wait...I think he saw it. I see a devilish smile.

Oh, Django must have a mini-him dancing and doing the macaraina (however it's spelled) on the inside. He looks so bashful >W<

They are so cute together, they have no idea. It's not a 'barf rainbows' cute but it's like...'C'mon...notice already! Notice, Troy, notice! *shakes fist*' cute.

And the plot, I love this plot...I love it so much I am going to reread this whole thing when I get the chance. *is determined*
July 22nd, 2011
My God OAO I have been gone for so long and miss like...awesome updates T^T

But what I want to know is what Patient means by 'you fool everyone, even yourself'. It sounds like he'll be Dj's guide in finding his true self.

Though I think Troy is going to be in heaven while he's eating...I mean, if a man can cook...
April 8th, 2011
Creeper-Smoker alert! Kill it, kill it!
*blows into a celebration insturment*
Yay, time to start the comic for real this time~

(sadly the neck looks like crap but I was drawing this while on the road...)
February 12th, 2011
Would like to give some credit to a friend of mine who helped me out with the hand in the last panel since I was having some issues with it.
February 11th, 2011
Loved how Patient held up seven fingers to emphasize the '7' of the whole. Lucky number 7~ *slaps face* That was a failed joke. But I wonder who that shadow was *le gasp*
Anyway, I hope whoever Wife was talking about doesn't help her...
The looks very interesting, I'd love to see where this goes.
January 14th, 2011
*raises hand* I'm siding with Patient on this one, even though he and 'Wife' don't seem to get along at all.
C'mon, Django, just be like: 'Uh, you're dead...and that ''til death do you part' applies to that.'
*cough*Obsessive brat/woman on the loose*cough*
January 6th, 2011
Hmm...someone who's this intent on keeping someone to themselves is definitely alarming.
And Patient isn't so patient anymore O.o
But him looking annoyed/angry is adorable!
*glomps your version of Eric* He's so much cuter now, I love you!

Hmm, personally I'd finish one comic before doing another because it is a strain to do more than one...a REALLY BIG strain.

Love how they all introduced themselves, and all bust shots - picture from the bust up. Taiou seems to be the only one shy enough to stutter here.
Now people doing that to someone like you is just unforgivable D<
Sorry I didn't comment earlier, things got twisty and all that.
December 30th, 2010
One more...
Just one page left of the intro then it's on to the first, real, chapter.
December 30th, 2010
That saying only applies until the other is dead, sweetheart. ''Til Death do you part'.
Though this is getting so deep and stuff, maybe he'll fully remember her and we'll get to see what actually happened to them.
December 29th, 2010
Just ran into this comic from another one *rubs back of head nervously* Now I'm glad I bother to look at those 'similar comics'.

Awesome work by the way, and the sparkles just...they just amuse me to no end, especially since it gives one the impression that Noc isn't as badass as he really is.
I have the oddest feeling Mika's gonna come to the conclusion that Alex likes him...
But with that upset look...I'm not sure if I could handle seeing it in real life...I'd be torn apart.
Spoke WAY too soon *laughs*