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The first published page of Scholar was drawn in 2006, but the concepts and some characters are 16 years old.

Find me online as 'FROGSNACK' at Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler and DeviantArt.

I'm on Youtube as well!

I am an avid fan of anyone who works hard. I throw myself into life as a principal. Whenever I sense a challenge, I work my @ss off on it until I thrive.

That being said, there is serious benefit to having fun, playing around, and joking. As balance is incredibly important, there is always something new going on.
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    Lisa Zelenok
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Chris always looks so irritated by everything. Nice to see the little girl get some abilities.
Aww, I love it! You should translate your entire comic into Japanese while you're at it- it'd be good pactice, do it mangaka-senpai san yo!! >:O

(I'm more impressed that you have a Japanese font, I never did bother to find one even when I was studying it)
This looks really cute!
@munen she called him material too. XD Could've been more colorful, a thread to weave into the tapestry that of two families that our children can look back on with price... but NO, nope he's material.
@munen Hey that makes perfect sense!
@bunnyrabbitsaga: Why thank you very much! About the color and art, not the pain part.
Sorry about that. Or...good? lol
Updated the colored Illustration version today!
@munen but.. think of the LOLs!
Actually I really like the way they call each other names that are lost in translation (or ignored because each side feels they are superior) such as Barbarian and Witch.
Yeah customs and concern for each other. I do really like the tribal dynamics so far in this story. :D
Well you can't sail outta the shipyard if you're not wiling to nail some planks to the vessel yourself! (or something)
The mom's cheeky expression freaks me out but I don't mind seeing more of her lol
Can't you just.. elope?
That is... SO RANDOM. I haven't seen a pig anywhere so far (unless I was reading too fast and overlooked it) are they expensive or hard to come by?
On the other hand, what a thoughtful gift! He won't be lonely if he has someone from home to go with him. A pet'll do nicely for comfort!
Bring enough crackers and try not to die of dysentery! Also, the extra axle may save your LIFE! :o
Quit bein' a cockblock, bro!
HmmMMM they look dressed up. An anti-engagement ceremony?
AHAHAHAA is THAT why he was telling her all that garbage! He should try with her mom, heh
Well way to not be strategic about it!