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I like fantasy, writing, and drawing.
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Looking forward to it. I'm curious if links between the living and the dead allow the living to glimpse the dead.

I have a feeling that part of why he is cranky is that he's the only one who knew those dragons that's still alive. It raises the question of connections. What have happened to the connections between dragons he never knew?

All of the images are from chapter 6 and 7 for those who had trouble seeing them. I liked that they faded, it emphasizes what Drake is saying.
I appreciate the sentiment Joan was trying to convey, but being stuck in a weapon imbued with magical energy for hundreds of years would be hell.

I'm glad that it's just magical residue and that Lucien is in the afterlife...

I can't help but recall that dream Drake had after he told Joan about what happened to his family. Lucien didn't exactly seem happy about his actions.

Be looking forward to the email. :)
Ouch. That kind of reinforces what I thought. The fact it was his brother's death was a huge surprise though.

Sent you a reply back.
I think I see what you mean about my question about dragon slaying blades being answered...

I sent it again via email this time.
I was afraid you'd say that.

I sent you an email through the forum regarding Sierra.
Whew. I was concerned about that. There's a reason that practice swords exist. Yay for accuracy and common sense!

I do hope that this sword won't have an actual use, but things have never gone as planned.
That does have quite the potential to be devastating. I hope she understands that with great power, comes great responsibility.
This makes me wonder how many "dragonslaying" blades there are after George's stunt.
I wonder if Sierra will make an appearance, but I guess that depends on if her patron wills it. Unless Fate is associated with a particular season in a way I'm unaware of. Or if she gets invited because people are hoping to get her on their side. Sadly, her patron doesn't take bribes. Or does she?
Ah. Well, Archie needs the outlet with this festival coming up. I really can't wait to see that and all the champions!
"Wait, they what?" is right!

Archie, you're oversharing a bit. Especially in a conversation when you're talking about perception to a MEDIAN!
You're back! *Sierra clings excitedly*

Down, Sierra... *sprays her with squirt bottle*
I love the layout and parallels on this page.

On another note:Is the forum ever going to come back to life?
Upsetting a psychic is never a wise idea.

I LOVE the shadow behind Drake in the shape of his wings.
Whoa. Poor Joan. What the heck happened?

ALSO: YAY, you're back!
I hope you come back soon, Dai.

I wish the forum was more active still with the champions too.
The solution does indeed live up to my expectations. I was concerned about the imprinting. Now I see that Mina has thought of that as well. She really is a wonderful leader.
I think you mean 'save your brother' not 'save your bother'.
September 11th, 2015
I can't believe this just occurred to me, but shouldn't the reflection of Joan be mirrored?
I love Mina so far. She's quite impressive, which makes sense given who her subjects are.

I am curious to see how the system works. Based on what I've seen of Mina so far, it's probably a very effective and sustainable system. Sustainable in the fact that humans don't die.

Given that she's a doctor at heart still, it's also certainly ethical (to a degree)...