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Sup, I am thirding that request. My episodes are by far the worst on The Curt and Tony Show, so don't just be like, "Alea's pages suck" because yeah, no duh.

But feel free to rip me a new one anyhow if you so desire!
Ohmigosh Mr. Senoire, how will I ever survive???
I like the skullet reference picture.

This is true that most people don't grow hair from their forehead.
We sure do Blue... Bowchickawow!
Seconding your onomatopoeia "ONTZ" is the bomb.
I *do* hate that, but on the positive side, I *love* your run-on sentence! Like, so, totally suave!
Everybody loves a turtle tea party!
The physics of the door in the first panel is giving me the wiggies.
May 13th, 2010
Oh well, her gender identity and moral code were messed up already...
Awww, and thus an end to another delightful story arch! Can't decide whether I like this one or the fan-girl one better...
April 15th, 2010
He wants to be Poison Ivy.
Don't worry Abel, I'm sure that Lucifer is also a fan of Sodomy! Or... at least rape.
I live in Vancouver. To prepare for the Olympics they put big decals of athletes all over the airport walls. There was a big picture of a ski-shooter pointing his rifle right at the escalator you exit the plane from. It was like, "Welcome to Canada, you won't last long!" They had to take it down because it was offending the tourists.
I really like this retelling of a bible story... maybe I'll read the bible again and think of silly personalities for everyone.
I lol'd a ton at this page.
March 14th, 2010
Aaw, someone's got the pukes.
Being spanked by a bible... a vampire's worst nightmare!!!
February 28th, 2010
I don't think she'd clean very well if she's that drunk anyways.
Yay, I was waiting for this one.

Good job on the review Mikk'em. I'm impressed with the easy to read layout. I prefer this straight-forward layout when compared to the more gimmick-y ones. You are polite and give reasons when you don't like something. I'm glad you are the one who reviewed this!
But... didn't Abel die?

Vampires don't DO that, ya know?