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hi der :B
i like the color yellow, fall weather and big spiders k?
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i've just re-read brave new world and no, no, i don't think it shows ten years have passed since you read it...
this is dead on(:
i can't wait for more! i'm hooked so far
i reaaaalllyyy hope she's controlling his mind with all of those sparkles 8D
something else brilliant i just noticed about this page,
I LOVE that you placed julius behind sergio and had bradley stand to the side of simon to really push the contrast between the two boys nnnggghh so fantastic.
shit guys. this is probably my 6th time reading through this...i'm so upset I didn't get my grubby little hands on a printed copy when I could.
This is one of my favorite pages, it's so beautiful!
I'm really diggin' the light/dark contrast of simon and sergio though, beautiful&brilliant character designs!
January 7th, 2011
I can't wait for the next page to find out what's lurking amongst those broken shards1
is this cliche?

also i just read from the beginning of this comic up until now and i just want you to know your art has improved since the start and it looked spectacular then but its just stunning now and. yes. really excellent story too!
but consider this, if you read twilight the only girls that will talk to you because of it are the stupid ones (bits anyone?) and no one wants that(:
this page is amazing!
i agree with ninjies i really adore how you use the black and white solids, its a really difficult style (imo) and you pull it off perfectly(:

i can't wait to read more