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xD Dragonthing's face is hilarious!

You see, it's this kind of abuse that's leading me to make a PSA about the cruelties of pokémon battles. *shakes head in disappointment* Atty is the poster child of abusive trainers.
February 15th, 2010
I wouldn't worry about labeling it. If you truly feel that this story doesn't fit into the BL genre, then change it to gay romance.

Quite honestly, what is the difference between BL and gay romance anyway?
My brother had a drowzee (or maybe it was a hypno, I can't remember =/ ) that was freaking unstoppable. He always used this combo with Dream Eater that always killed ='[

The pokéball mask is kinda creepy o_O

And I agree with the Where's Waldo comment. After I read that, I went back and looked for Atty in the panels. I found him in every one X3
Haha I sense fail coming up xD
February 7th, 2010
Welcome back!!!!!

The speech bubbles do look a lot nicer.

Awww, they're so adorable playing in the snow >_<
Speaking of snow, I will be playing in it today =3 We got a blizzard yesterday, 31 inches of snow. SO awesome!
We had a snow day today too!!!!! x3

Another beautiful page, and I agree, who doesn't want to have fun with Shiratori?!
(damn, I'm such sucker for megane haha)
Awww poor thing, with his adorable arms in the air to be picked up >_< Soooo cute!!!! Damn you Atticus, how can you resist the adorableness?!

And to hell with continuity!! The bg looks great and you can't tell that you changed it up. It all looks amazing!!
haha I agree with baeduxai, I like seeing him fail xD

heehee Yuki-chan X3 He sure looks like a Yuki-chan lol
DT is so freaking adorable!!!!! I'm actually wearing a charmander shirt as I'm typing this haha

And the last panel looks amazing!!!! Love the sign xD
no prob =]
You can never have too much chewing gum on the pavement!

Poor DT!!! I would never treat my charmander like that =[ And doesn't Atticus realize that that thing fights? Isn't that pulling it's weight?
Yay!! Welcome back!

Omigosh cutest plushie ever!!!! I really want to try and make one, but my sewing skills are seriously lacking -_______-
Crazy old ninja man and saucy cardigan wearing wenches... yeah, I agree with Atticus, it's a lot safer in the Pokémon world, oh I'm sorry Moképon world =]
haha I always wondered why that old man was lying down!

and I agree that her cardigan is WAY too hippy =/
Awwwww I want a chibi Shiratori ^///^

I sense a funny/adorable chapter approach-eth!!
So, I just found your comic today and finished reading it. You are so talented!! The story is interesting and the art is phenomenal!
Dood, epic comic!!!

I just found this comic today and I'm incredibly impressed!! I can't wait to finish reading it. You're art is amazing and the story is very interesting =]

I actually laughed out loud for this page!
So cute!!!!!!

Happy holidays!!
awww so cute!!!! >///<

I want them to get together!!!!!