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A Present to my Cousin!
My cousin Issac's birthday passed by. I haven't gotten him a present as of now... but I made him this! Happy birthday Isaac!
Hooray for Rhubarb!
Heh heh... Spawn of Drake is back. I might do another comic today, I dunno. Horray for us!
No nick, you suck.
Hey man. Wassup?
Based on an Actual Quest
Idea by me. Made by me. Help by Ricanius. Well, hope you enjoy. This is part one of a some part saga.
Chocobos! Squee!
Hey, yes, the fourth panel, that is a chocobo. Chocobos rule. The trainer is a Recolored ninja. The sword is big in the comic now.

Spawn, Out!
He ate the Pikachu!
That is... sad. I mean, everyone knows that Pikachus are actually really satisfing.
Barbie? That's just wierd...
Yeah, just wait until the heroes see the room? Heh...
This comic is really funny. Keep up the good work.
Cardboard Cutout!
Ha ha! That's funny! Bran Flakes Rules.
The power of Hampsters!
This is funny! Hampsters were really meant to be better. Hell, they are better. ^_^
8 Bit Theater Is Insperation!
8 bit theater rocks. It is my insperation.
This is really fun...
You ever done something like that in real life? It's fun.
I know I cannot spell Repossess (or whatever).
Everyone Hates Intros!
But it had to be done. Oh well.
Not much to say, comment on!
Intros are Hard
I hate intros... but I guess I will make one... later today.
Check in later.
While I'm still trying to find out how to kill Ricanius, the comic is up! The fighter in the last panel... well, I ain't gonna tell.