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Renu K
Pretend that something snappy is written here.

I am that horribly infrequent updater. Go look at my deviantART, it's a lot more active.

I am also that person who starts stories but never finishes them.

Yes, I am that embodiment of all those qualities that annoy readers. Beware.
Renu K
April 18th, 2011
Apologies for the unannounced hiatus... College has given me a beating so this comic had to be put on the backburner for a while. Summer break is coming, so hopefully I can expect to update more! ^_^

I like to draw color pages for whenever new characters are introduced. In this case, I waited to draw Keiko in color since I wanted the prologue in black and white. So here's Keiko and her little bro Kiyoji in color~ Yeah, they don't look anything alike, haha. Guess which one's adopted? :P
Hahaha how cute~ Pshhh the professors have an excess of pokemon anyway, why not give them to the children on Christmas?
@xkrazydog: Ahhh, I see. Thank you for the explanation! And an extra thank you to the gift elves! ^_^ Sorry you had to take time to make a gift even though I wasn't scrooged... I was beginning to think I was scrooged as well, but even though I didn't say anything a gift was still made for me. Thank you!
D-Did I get two gifts??! *confused*

O-Oh, well thank you!!! Terra looks awesome, thank you so much for drawing her! I love the flowers and colors that you used. Thank you Secret Santa!
Ahhhhhhhhhh I'm dying from an overload of glee~ Thank you so much, Secret Santa!!! I love your art style and the way you portrayed my characters~ I feel so honored XD

Thank you thank you thank youuu~
Oh my god those bubbly eyes
I love all you guys' art styles. Krit's expressions are priceless hahaha.
Hahaha, this is an amazing start to the comic. I like the story concept too~

Just a small spellcheck on the grammar, that first line should be "My head hurts." I understand English isn't your first language, and that being said everything else is great! ^_^
Infinitely more awesome than the pokerap *starts a Charles Zard fanclub*
11 fans...thank you so much! I won't disappoint you! (I hope)

Here's the cover page for this chapter! Enjoy ^_^
Apologies for the late update! Finals = less time for manga, sigh.

Here's the last page of the prologue. Enjoy!
Oh geez I definitely wasn't expecting that, hahahaha!
Awww, sadness about the Photoshop. Hehehe, I like the scientist. And poor robots *pat pat*
D'awwwww what a cutie pie~ Love the little horns, haha.
I had a little too much fun drawing their expressions, haha XD

@LeoDrake: Thanks! I'll be sure to try and keep it interesting ^_^
I hope I can keep up with this comic *nervous*

This story was first written when I was in middle school. Then it was stolen. Then it was rewritten at least half a dozen times because I had to start over and couldn't remember exactly how the entire story went.

I think it's a better story now and I have decided NO MORE REWRITES.

Hope you guys enjoy! ^_^
Renu K
October 30th, 2010
I-I think that's a lollipop wrapper, right?

Chapter oooone, I'm excited! XD
Renu K
October 26th, 2010
W-Wow. I'm creeped out about the incest thing, but excited about how the plot will develop at the same time. Keep up the amazing work!
Renu K
October 15th, 2010
Wow, I envy you. It takes me a week of hard work to do a page *fail* ;A;
Renu K
September 3rd, 2010
I'm trying very hard to read his shirt, but it's not working *squints harder*