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Idiocity was created by a group of 4 teens ages 16-19.

Chantal does not like sprite comics, so there wont be any by us. All our comics are hand drawn.
The Main artist and user on this account is Chantal (Aka Erutis), a grade 12 art student.
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    Chantal Meloche
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Ha ha, that's so cute! XD The Veggies are great.
Chantal (Eru) is a Computer addict and also hates drawing gardens. I can acctually draw gardens, I just didn't try at the time this page was drawn (Which was some time in Augest... like the... 15th?). Anyways, I'll put more effort when this area is shown again XD That garden makes me sad.
R.I.P. Scooter
Sad news. My guine Pig (the thing in the age in the picture) died Saturday morning after living for almost 5 years. I've been really depressed and such because of that that I hadn't finished any new comics. I might have the next page up tonight since I finally got ahold of Alex and got the convo I needed. Sorry for the delay -.-
This is basically my mind set every day for the past while waiting for Alex to send me the thing I need for the next page. I have spilt many a pop and my Plushies are now beginning to fear me ^_^

I love how my orange blanket became Yellow O_o
Little bit about this pic: The legs are messy, that I know -.- and theres random deformities with bodies xD. Jess's boobs (the naked girl) are acctually lop sided. So yes, they are suppose to be like that. This picture is of the night we decided to do this webcomic and had the contest of who was to be the head artist and such ^_^

Though even though I won, I seem to be the only one editing or working on the site. I know Alex is busy so I don't blame her =P Oh well, c'est la vie ^_^.

-Chantal A.k.A. Eru
Ha ha, Margaret is Great XD
oh God...
Probably the worst thing I've ever done. The art is horrible *swt*

EDIT: Alrighty! I have the new version of this page ready, but I can't upload it til my USB gets fixed -.- stupid USB... Stupid Scanner =P

Edit 2: Yay, I have finally forced my USB to work, not sure for how long, but bleh!