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well i'm crazy.....that is all....
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awww how did i miss this? so awesome x3
Ohai it's been a while :3
well i guess i'll start with why i've suddenly popped up again ... it goes like this...

i came home from college today and was a bit at loss for stuff to do and so i thiough "i'll log into smackjeeves i haven't checked that in aaaages" so i logged in and i saw i had a message. i clicked it and it said "aaid has accepted your invite to be an author on destiny high" so i was like "wut? i'm gonna check this out" so i did and found that some of you had posted rather recenty and so i got excited and naustalgic and was like "I WONNA DRAW KITO" so i picked up my pencil and sketched him...then i was gonna scan him and post him but then i though "you know what i'ma get my ass in gear and colour him!" so i did and now here we are :3

you know i can hardly believe it's been about 4 years since i first drew Kito...doesn't seem like that long ago...oh how time flys ;A;
so now Kito is 26 he got himself a few new piercings a star tattoo on his hip and he grew his hair and just for old times sake he is....dun dun duuuuuuuuun...NAKED :D

so hello again and as always...i hope you enjoy this :3
niiiiiiiiiiice *tries not to stare* fffff we need to start this thing again
booooooo we should just start it again anyway xD
November 29th, 2010
i just caught up and "WOO GO TRACY KICK THAT CAT'S ASS!!" XD loves it as always :P
aaid i you're still interested in doing that i would be more then happy to join in.... i miss this collab too much TT^TT *sniffle*
XD i looooove those shirts...... can i have one please?? i promise to give it baaack..... maybe ¬w¬
April 21st, 2010
you've done 3 updates since yesterday?? i wish i had your kind of dedication sedgie TT_TT. oh and don't worry i have Yuu, Hayato and Kaede in my house they are crashing in ma front room XD and ye gads! felix looks soooooo cute i just wonna snuggle him till he can't breath 0w0

and you need to come back to msn i miss yoooooooooooooooou TT_TT
happy boobday my red headed friend :P yay for all then big boobie-loobies XD. i am now very tempted to draw you something for this briliant day :P that is if my new power pack has come by the time i get home.... i hope it has life with no computer sucks ass very badly lol. currently using a college computer but ah well :P. if my computer is up and running by tonight i shall draw you some gender bent fanart for this awesome manga you have here ^_^
oh god i understand dude i felt the same way lol the last ep of doctor who so far actully made me cry .... don't usually do that but there ye go XD

and i can't wait to watch it ether BRING ON SATURDAY!!!! oh and that t-shirt is a stroke of geniouse XD
i'm sorry TT_TT i'm gonna get min up now i shall get right on it lol
YAY!! *jumps on vitotamito* hehe

does anyone mind me going next cause i wonna put up zoie's house placement in ^_^
she's such a cutie i just wonna make Diachi pick her up and run away with her :P
damn thats cute :D i likes it :P
XD aaaaaaaaaaaaah i looooove it :P i like how you drew Daichi :P
hey yamirin i was just wondering could we posibly make an art page for if we want to draw a picture while someone is working on a page because i've wanted to draw several group pictures but don't want to post them because i don't want to put a picture right in the middle of a chapter...

so hows about it?? ^_^
well here you go it's not very good but i tried D:

and what was he carrying a big pile of books and papers which is why he fell over :P

hope you all like it
ok then i shall get started ^_^
ok my computer still doesn't work and if i do the next page it'll be totally on the computer and it might not be very good but i still wonna have a go so.....

may i do the next page??
aaaaah soooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute :P