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Name: Amanda Snow Rouse, Snow if you please
Birthday: July 22,1988
Hair: Brown, cut short in the back and long
Height: 5'3''

Lil facts about me:
[*]I'm right handed.

[*]I hate being told to do things, I'll just to the opposite.

Food ~<3
Good music
Smack Jeeves

People who think their high and mighty
Losing people


Websites and screen names:
Gaia: Snow
  • Real Name
    Snow Rouse
  • Age
  • Gender
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I love how they part, and Yuffie looks happy still and Vincent seems to be the more annoyed one. XD <3
Oh come on Javet, it's on the front page of SA, now way is that crap!

If he doesn't hug her from behind I shall cry~

It's a great chance to do it XD
I' sorry to say, I am putting a stop to Pencil Magic.

I have finally gotten a computer, but no scanner yet.

PLus the story line and artwork is not where I want it to be. I shall be redoing the whole comic but it will be going under the name

I'm so sorry guys, yes all the characters will be there, I just need to redo it all. -.-;

I am also in the middle of redoing my art style.

Anyway, I guess a sneak of what is to be is in the very small pic.

This is Nalyana, Aki's sister. o_o I guess I should tell you their appearances are different in their own world.

Take care all and I shall update soon as possible. ^_^;
June 13th, 2007
FUCK! I can't see it! >___< Email me the actual pictures please!
June 6th, 2007
okay, I have the next four pages done O_. shocking no, and no you may not have them yet! XD

I dunno if I am going to be able to update for awhile, so I am making as many pages possible before school is out. and then Albino shall be updating the pages for me over the summer every wensday. :D
and hopfully, I get job, and scanner and then I can make sure I update regularly.

anyway, much love

May 30th, 2007
:D YAy postingness!

I want to thank Ablino for doing the layout of the site and for doing all my word bubbling and screen toning in this chapter and future ones!


<3 *Luffs the Trash*
Sidheprincezzz is the winner.

What won me over on this is the way she colored Tsumi, his skin tone and his eye.

PLus I have never seen anyone using what seems to be white out to do highlights. Another new tchnique I never knew! X3

Congrats! >.>

Line art (c) Amarou

Coloring job (c) Sidheprincezzz


gah, I am freaking out today >.<

I am presenting a project that I have been working on all year today, and I have to do it in front of a board! For 10-15 minutes, and I have to be dressed up and everyting...

Only good thing is that they let you pick what you want to do. This comic is my project >.<

I was researchingon how to make a graphic novela nd this is my product even though it will always be unfinished.

Wish me lots of luck!

Oh yay! I was worried that none of my fav comics would update today, since I fav so few.

Thank you for updating <3
eh. half assed job!


Post the winner of the last contest pic next week...


anyway..I'm off to go email AlbinoButterfly now... ^^


and p.s. Eye docters are evil >.>

*finally getting her glasses*
May 16th, 2007
O_O I'm scared. ^^;; You have a fan whop thinks meh is hot

Now I shall fav muhahahaha!!!
Okay, second to the last page, next week will be the last page of chapter 2.

Also I announce I have a co-author, say hello to TheAlbinoButterfly!

:D She’s been very helpful. Thank the back ground to her XD

Plus this is the page that had gotten ruined. It’s kinda fuzzy for some weird reason o-o;

Anyway, Yes I misspelled Highschool. ^^;; Don’t remind me. >.> I am going ot use the excuse that Tsumi can’t spell so it f-ed up in his head.

Hmm…Don’t forget my contests!

There’s the link with all the info!
You can enter as many pictures as you want!

-=comment reply=-

Bloomygirl315: I know, it was mine to…and now I refuse to take my comic to school… >.> Which takes more time at home to work on. ^^;
I DEMAND KILLUA! D:< I know he and Gon are in those gamesZ! >.< Put him in there! Rawr *chews*
O-o Vincent looks wonderfully great in these panels! brava!

He looks angry,emo and appeal all going for him.
Well here is the update…really half assed this one -.-;

I originally was going to say that the next page is much better, but I had brought it to school…and well…*sigh* at lunch I had the cap of my water off and I was trying to put my drink mix into it, one of my very grabby guy friends decided to try and grab my manga I had on top of my comic, I quickly tried to grab it from him but I forgot about my water and I ended up dumping it all over it….I was in the middle of inking it. Growls I am soooo Pissed at him right now. D:< He knows to ask to touch my manga. Luckily none of the ink ran BUT! I have random red dots on it now from my mix and the paper itself it all wrinkly and curly up on the corners….

I have a contest for you all! Actually two contest….Different then the last ones….alot of freedom in it.

For more information go here. Go read the journal.

-=Comment Reply=-

FatHobbit: I just lately been having those days >.<;;

Charlatte: Hiya new person! :D I don’t think I’ll quit of this comic…been having thoughts about doing that but I push myself to get off my butt and make the next page :3 I honestly don’t think this story line is very creative…o_o Just my bordem.

Sidheprincezzz: Thank you for being patient with me! :D It’s a good thing you’ll stick with my comic!

The Albino Butterfly: squeeeeeee, tackle glomp of doom :D Heehee. You know what that is for!!!!! XD
April 25th, 2007
I wanna apologize….for no comic this week…I’ve been a lazy but and ina a cranky pissed of mood for no good reason. ^^

I need to get intoa physical fight and blow some punches….

I’ve been lazy..ish…..I have been drawing…just not my comic….

Like this picture, which I drew today :D She looks really serene and sweet. I like how she came out. Plus I also finally played with Oekaki finally. XD I’ve even been skipping some of my classes to sneak into the computer lab and borrowing a tablet and playing with it. >.> My very first oekaki is a Toph picture which can be found in ‘s oekaki section. ^^;;

Anyway…enjoy this pic, I am working on the page. ^^;;

But I did a good thing, I bought more manga paper. I was down to my last piece!
>.> *post comments on her commenter* heehee...

You have that comic program dontcha! XD *jealous*
April 18th, 2007
my bad...
Okay, I lied....

Ya know how I said I couldn't pull a comic out of my ass in two days...well...I apparently can pull one out in one day ^^;;

I was so caught up in other stuff this week I forgot about the comic! I remebered about it last night. Quickly pulled paper out, started the base sketch, was sorta happy with it and then grabbed my comic paper...(which I only have 1 piece left.... -.-;;) I penciled it out, which caused me to stay up till 1:30 am...on a school night.... >.< I went to sleep and inked it this morning...which took about 3 hours... @_____@ sao enjoy the quickly drawn crap~

see how I love you all XD

I do adore Patch though in his panel of him "nyaing" and where he is leaping from the bed.

Enjoy~ >.<

OH! I'll be in seattle on the 21st for the sakura festavil....

anyway... BYE~ LEAVE ME SOME R&R


Sakura con was a blast! Pooped out, feet still throbbing from the Rave! <3 Which I found out I LOVE!

:D I saw a lot of great cosplays, got some pictures, well my friends did, still waiting for them to email them to me.
BUT! I saw two people I would NEVER EVER expect to see! O_O

Mike Leon Valentine! She is a member of my Demyx Water Shrine club on Sheezyart. She had an art table set up and everything! I was flipping through her art. I just kept thinking her style looked familiar and then it went to a fanart of Demyx raving! I freaked out and pointed at her causing a scene!
Also! A very special artist who I have been watching for about 7 years was there…I just know her pen name, Ghost. She to me is famous! She is known for drawing anime characters as kittens. Her site when down recently cause everyone had been stealing her artwork. BUT SHE HAD A F_ING TABLE THERE! O_O I was so happy! Her, her partner and I’m guessing her little sister were cosplaying! And as avatar characters! Ghost was Kyoshi, Her partner was Princess Yueh and the lil sis was Toph! I couldn’t believe it, she was selling prints of her cats as stickers…I bought the Saiyuki bunch and now Goku kitty is stuck on my Ds…:3 I even got her signature…as well as a Toph kitty she quickly drew! XD –squee-

So much fun though! I did karoke with a friend…cosplayed a little…>.> I looked like a hoochi mama. XD

Hmm….got some great buttons and bought new pens, cause mine were about dead…I used these pens on the newest page! Even my new comic gray pen. :3 To shade….it looks better in real life though. Scanner some reason liked picking the color up.

~~~~~~COMIC TALK~~~~~~
Enjoy the fat fingered Tsumi ;;>.>

I enjoyed the page, but I made tsumi’s face to angular and his shoulders aren’t braod enough…. -.-;;

I do adore my lil voodoo dolls of them though…I forgot to put pins into them though. ._.;

I tried knew angles instead of mid and head shots…..

~~~~~~COMMENT REPLY~~~~~~

O: Hi new person :3 Thanks for all the comments!

Sidheprincezzz: Yeah the dots took over three hours to put in… So I decided not to do that unless I have the time and re-ally bored. ._.; I havn’t even drawn any of the avatar comic, still in the works. I’m still in the middle of character designs since it is 5 years after the series. Only got two people done XD

FatHobbit: heh. Thanks for telling me but the dots take to long….but they will appear more…sorry but I am going to try the shading with my copic pen for while… I wanna see how it works out, since I can’t afford screen tones.