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Roger> Begin exploring the area while asking what the blue orb is.

Tega> Follow Roger and answer his question.
Looking at the glurp's sprites, I never would have guessed you used it as a base.
Unlike with most comics, I enjoy this filler content. It's not as good as the actual comic, but it is still interesting. Good luck with the deadline.
Thanks for sharing this. I love behind the scenes/removed content related things.
I like the old one much more. I didn't get the feeling he was young; I just thought his height was a stylistic choice- a good one at that. It fit well with the simplicity of the art style used in the comic.
I like where you're going with this.
The bell ring loudly

>What supersonicfan0 said.
If they stop her from releasing it, then won't that mean that the heroes never would have met, or that none of this quest would have happened?
>Man: Put broken glass in coconut shell and throw it at the creature.

>Edd: Stab creature with tail-thing.
Offer a banana in friendship.
Life. Living sounds appealing.
I would love more teasers :D
This actually explains a lot.
Thank you :D
Make more of these. Now.
Wow you're good at making comics XD
Restart without pokerus