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have sex pleaseeeee
oh please do it been waiting forever do it!!!
Dylan ya stupid for leaving!!! we need action now!!!
what happened
Vampire attack.....
nooo have sex now!!!
whens Lawrence coming back.......
Is he finally going to get physical with him XD
lol I bet their sacrifice the virgin XD guess whos the virgin
waitttttttttttt wheres naoto :o does that mean the twin kauros both play the game
thank god kuro is a dude and a hot dude in real life lol now wheres naoto!!!
I still think Kuro be a chick which just crush the whole BL thing
Cant help but wonder if Kuro is played by a dude outside the game.. or the fact your just have a straight relationship here and Kuro is a chick.... booooo
Whens he going to wake up and realise he got a hot man wanting him. He is blind t not see that.
whaaaaaa that was it..... barely any action at all
please no more bird XD
dog cock blocks
ya know whats going to happen now the dog is the token cock blocker in the story, Joa not gonna get near his lover now.
January 12th, 2013
Why do I feel this bourne legacy :P
I hope the bird dies :P that or I really hope naoto isn't going to be heroic and go save that bird
lol whats he doing on the couch XD go back to bed
wow thats pretty damn sexy i love to see my characters like that XD
@MIDOxRI: Nude webcam chats hehehehe