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We are built by our promises and our friends. For without either, what are we but empty shells of our former selves?
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    Justin "AzenelDaTroncat" Grams
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So, after winning dem minecraft hunger games, I decided I'd give off my minecraft Guilmon skin... one of them anyways.

So to any people who like guilmon, or know people who like him (or her, depending on who you are), I give this gift to you~

What? An update
Yep... I'm alive, and apparently I wasn't hit by a truck? ... or was it a truck? BBS hasn't updated in so long I forgot about it...

Or did I?

I've been on a long hiatus while I get my life in order, and come to terms with myself. So yea... Anyway, here's a bit of a pilot comic again, with a similar nature and GLOWING! Because everyone loves glowing shit...
December 27th, 2011
A very nice looking comic, I must admit. Sketchy at times, but the idea behind it is new... I like. Think I'll keep an eye out on you.
So... freaking... tired
On the plus side, new update... wooo

Nope, not dead YET
October 20th, 2011
This... might be pretty interesting... Blue and blue, back to back? ... Yep, going to watch this for awhile.
That would be Ashe...
Rawr n stuff~

Been some time since I got to work, so here I figured I'd show off one of my latest projects...

Azen... brand fucking new... as a species noone has ever heard of before... Rawr
blarg blarg and mofos
Pardon my language

... I wanted to write something here, but got lazy. May do so later.
Again... I am ashamed
When I fist saw this image, my thoughts were "Fan-service", though the original dialogue for this was scrapped in favor of less... mature stuff, most of you can guess just through the image, and the alt text.

On another note: Fucking... hate...hakumen. I played his story mode... and hated it. Hate playing as him, and hate playing against him... nuff said.
@Joka: Why sank you~
@EC: GACK!? *pounc'd*
Mwahahah- wait... you're not someone I know. This is a first! Someone I don't know commenting? Woooow, I feel lucky!
Shaking off the dust
That's right bitches! I'm getting back into my game, fo' realz! Soon nothing shall stop me!

Except the seven or eight typos I made while trying to write this comment.

Basically, this was just an attempt to get back into spriting, by making an Azen out of Taokaka from Blazblue.

Yes, it's a guy. Yes he's wearing panties? Why? Cause I found it lulzy! FUCK OFF!
Woo... *yawn*
Used as my avatar for FA and maybe soon as my one for here.

Recently, I've been so busy with work and stuff, I haven't really done anything comic wise... I really oughta start up something new...
Is it weird...
...that I read this page in a Scottish accent?
Incoming Transmission
So yea. Been ages, right?

Yup, life and it's little games have gotten to me, and I haven't done much of anything art related, so I'm a wee bit rusty...
And by a bit, I mean a metric fuckton (Pardon my language... day has been pretty stressful). Anywho, hope you all have shits and giggles and whatnot, Wily's german, Azen's human (ZOMGWTF?), and Airman is naked... sorta. He's missing the fan all up in his grill... yo.
Justin as Azen as Blue Link
Danielle as Alex as Purple Link

'nuff said
Lol, I think I did spy cintreuse in use there. xD
Been awhile, ain't it?
Just finished my own version of a Station of Awakening from kingdom hearts.

This one showcases Azen and his other side, the personification of death... well, Death. clever name, I know... but thats that...
October 2nd, 2010
*insert scream here*
September 28th, 2010
@Meteor: ABDUCT, not adopt... theres a difference