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nyaaa >o<
itss okii D= for the wait bt... <,< more? please .o. ~
omg omg omgomikgl.fui
>< that tottally got me by suppriseee! goshh so sexxyyyyy
D'x so saddd!
:O u updated!!! i love you o .o ty x33 bt this page is really sad update faster ><!
tht almost made me cryy!!!! meeep beautiful ><
im certain tht she likes him >:O hehe
i started to cry and i was so sadd D:
i got so into it :/ and i dnt really like action ._. XDDDD its the drama ;3
why do u do this to me i was all like "IM GUNNA FIGURE OUT OOoooOOOooo" THENN U GRR U u tease me D: and i dnt figure out 3'; no faiir s;<
whos tht persun
lmao so i was in class and as soon as i read that i burst out laughing XDD!!! lmao ppl were looking at me o,o oki well like 1 but still x3
i did not kno haru could be like that!!! lolz i could have guessed x33 but still who would ever guess tht u kno? x] i love this comic ^-^~~~
haha <3~ lovee
oki so i cant wait what happens next will his friend be jealous? x33 i gotz noo ideaaa~~~ >.< i cant wait for yur next update :x.x:
hehe its okai hun tyts~ ^^ -waits for updates- . . . . . -tired of waiting- . . . . -dies- x_x"
i cant wait wat'll happen maybe the master will step in o-o or maybe they'll juust fight >.<! thinkin about it getz me too excited!
WoW!!! i wonder how thts guna change the story @-@
O Em Gee
i deff saved tht pika <33
Theres More O_O
Yay hehe i'll gladly wait o.o i didnt kno there was more e.e i am happy now
lmao x3
Tht Sux >.> its ur fault! *tackles drawer dude and falls asleep but leaves a sign on the door saying "Sorry man"*