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I ish a happeh girl who ish extremely lazy xD but I wuv fwiends <3
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Oh my gosh, I already love your comic :'D Please continue <3
Your artwork is awesome, and I already like the story.
Ohohon xD
It's okay hun, just take your time :'D
I'll have lots of fun with Eric in the meantime *shot* xD
Kyaaaah~~ I'm already in love with this xD Continue as soon as you can, this is wonderful ^w^ ! The way you've started this really catched me~
YAY! An update :'D ! <3

I love this page, it's so happy and peaceful. And well-drawn indeed~ <3

Keep up the good work :'3
chapter 2 page 11 :'D !
cover for chapter 2 :'3
Ohh, now I'm FINALLY on page 10 xD sorry I'm not so active ^^;
Because I couldn't help myself <3
aw, poor little Jeffrey didn't get in on the inventory competition <3;;
Aw bother xD;
thank you x'3
Honestly I think so too ;u; ... I wuv Jeffrey, I hope I'll get to continue this comic about him xD;
just a filler <x'D
tadaaa x'D PAGE 6 FTW! <3
woohooh, page 5 xD
Lawl, way to go Jeffrey x'D;;
page 4 omg xD ... Jeffrey ish happeh 8B ...
Yea! He'll show you xD ...
omg page 3 xD let's see how much more I'll manage to draw? xD
alright, page 2! Let's see how far I'll get? xD
Page 1, woohooh xD
Introdution for my comic that'd probably die 8D;; ...