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I love to dance, read, draw, write, sing, and hang with my friends.
I love Showtime, it's my favorite channel(s). Especially Dexter, Nurse Jackie, and the United States of Tara.
Blue October is my favorite band. <3
I have a few ideas for a comic, loosely based around the Pushing Daisies concept, maybe, but I can't work on it until I get a new cord for my Bamboo tablet, haha.
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This is so cute!!!
I hate not having internet sooner, haha, I love it. *^^*
This is my favorite page so far.
You spelled "experiment" wrong, but I love it so far!
Nuu!!! Don't encourage her.
Oh noes. . .
Of course, Zoshi will be a *proper* gentleman and decline.
Either that, or date her to make Kea mad/jealous. XD
The page turned out excellent! {I love the "SNAP SNAP!" part, teehee}

Now go get some sleep and extra cherry garcia. :3
<Aww, I really want Vlad's T-shirt.> Go Romy!!
You poor thing! Best of wishes. I hope everything gets better.

<Hi, this is my first post, though I've been a fan for quite a while, just lurking around.>