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Rated G for Geeky.

Basically, I can't draw. :P But I can write! So, I'd love to do a webcomic with me as the author and someone else as the artist.

Interesting as my solution is, I'd still love to do a real webcomic :P

PM me if you'd like to help. Or, alternatively, IM me. I'm on often enough and have enough IMs up there :P
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"I've a wife" *does* sound a little disjointed, to agree with OfficerJenny. I don't think I've heard it very often in speech that way, either - I think it may be an old common useage, perhaps, hence Wizard of Oz and Mulan.

However, "I've *got* a wife" works just fine, and is what is regularly used in speech, so it's not far off.
Frankly, you usually have better grammar than some of my classmates, and I'm at university now. Raise that to the power of ten for high school, and this for people who speak English as their *first* language.

It's why I don't generally stop and point out the grammar/spelling errors when I notice them. You're giving me beautifully drawn hot male sex :P The least I can do is accept a few errors on your part. No-one is perfect.

Lastly, hooray for the vets! :D I tried for vet science here in NZ last year, but missed entry by a hair, so have instead moved on to genetics and computer science.

In conclusion... you go girl, and don't worry too much about the grammar nazis :)
To be fair, I'm neither bi nor lesbian but I admit there's a certain tactile appeal to a handful of breast. To all those now dissing breasts at the prompting of this comment :P

Admittedly, my breasts are too small to cause much pain or annoyance. I'd probably be pissed too if they were really big.
Aargh confusing spelling errors look bad x_x
Not to mention that there is such a thing as "no".If they don't have enough at any one time they can just say so and not sell more until more is produced.
... nooooo! Last page! D:
what is it with Hakakku and his ears? 0_o
@Xweetke: I don't know about everyone else, but I'm so engrossed in the story I'm using flipping pages with no time to stop to comment (although if there *are* comments, I usually do read them before moving on). Also, with storyline comics you come to late, there becomes the problem of *where* do you stop and comment, when what you're praising usually covers several comics because of the fluid and continuous nature of the comic?
Haha, loving that. "So serious. Is it a threesome?" something about Gengi tells me that, for him, that *is* serious
O... M... G. That is so insanely adorable it's not funny. Honestly. How can Hakakku be upset at *that*? :P
But of course. Some people just are.
It's a bloody rainbow 0_o
Ha nice, lobster XD you have the coolest lines.
Haha. Don't worry Mr Mayor, almost no-one in this world is 100% straight *or* gay, liking one very androgynous male elf doesn't mean you aren't still straight :P
HA! "And wipe that smile off your face!" Love it XD
Poor guy just looks so distressed. Some people don't learn well that way, Suci.
They may not (or not much). People seated next to me in class usually continued to do better than before even when we weren't sitting together anymore. (I got bored with my work a lot, so I tended to spend a lot of time helping explain stuff to whoever was next to me instead of doing my own work)
The schools I went to were too small for streaming, but there is actually *some* merit to it. Only some, mind; in a streaming system I'd have been shoved into special needs and forgotten. However, from my own experience, I know that while most people think it's the slower kids who don't pay attention that cause all the trouble, smart kids who are bored is even worse. They have as much motivation and far more means.

My schools were just lucky that my way of finding something interesting was pretty mild (I just read a book in class), I could've done much worse if I set my mind to it.
I can appreciate a broad range of good looks, however, that's not usually what does it for me.

But he tried to save a kitty... poor kitty...