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Amelia Onorato is a recent Museum Studies and History graduate with a minor in English (with a focus on 19th Century British Literature because--let's face it--the Victorians were hilarious), who enjoys refering to herself in the third person when writing in "About Me" boxes.

She is Italian, Corsican, French-Algerian and Irish, which means that no one who values their shins will play floor hockey or mini golf with her.
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Well, It's Sort of an Update...
Good news and bad news, everyone! The bad news is that Wunderkammer is still on hiatus for the foreseeable future. The good news is that I'm still alive, I'm still at Cartoon School, I'm still making comics, and my senior thesis, Rockall, is updating TWICE a week at Tuesdays and Thursdays, all done in ink, traditionally, BY HAND! And the best part is I have to have it finished by April if I want to graduate, SO IT WILL BE FINISHED BY APRIL.

Wunderkammer is still near and dear to my heart; it was so nice to draw Amschel and Kristina again. I've missed that little double chin and wacky mullet! I fully intend on finishing this story at some point, and I really appreciate all of your patience over the past year of little-to-no updates or news. I don't deserve an awesome audience like you guys, but I really hope you'll all stick with my a little while longer. It was because of the outpouring of your positive feedback and interest that I even worked up the nerve to apply to The Center for Cartoon Studies in the first place, which makes me feel doubly guilty for not repaying you in regular artwork, haha.

Rockall is no substitute for Wunderkammer, of course, but I am equally fond and proud of each. If you like Irish history, mythical seal-mermaids, bulky sweaters, and small, superstitious, isolated communities going stir-crazy, please give it a shot! It's gonna be good enough to earn me a Master's Degree, so it's gotta be good enough to pass the time, haha!

Until the next time; see you, space cowboy...

So I'm beyond embarrassed, especially after logging back into this account after five months--cringing, expecting the worst, feeling contrite--to discover that you've all stuck with me and a few new people have even joined the party. You guys. You are the best audience T^T

WELCOME BACK, EVERYONE! I am pleased to announce that, if all goes well, Wunderkammer will start up again by the end of the month!

This is my last week of classes here at The Center for Cartoon Studies, and it was awesome, but also a LOT of work. A lot of really fun work :) I'm currently uploading my first year mini-thesis to my sketchblog, so please check that out! I feel awful about what comes next because mistre, pinemarten127, yehram, Red Rabbit, xxJOSxx, and platy all left me such nice comments on The Tortoise and the Birds, but I'm going to be taking it down from here and reuploading it on my blog to keep this site Wunderkammer-exclusive :( I love you guys, and you're awesome, and I hope all my new stuff lives up to your expectations! I've got a huge backlog of homework and projects to post on the blog, so check over there for (hopefully) more frequent updates than this main site!

Here's an old Chapter Four cover I did before rewriting Wunderkammer, of Bastian (remember Bastian?) and his daughter Theano (who we STILL haven't met yet, UGH!) back when they were hanging out in Ithaca. Somehow I'm going to have to relearn how to draw Bastian's epic aquiline profile, haha!

So head on over to the sketchblog for Part I of my selkie-centric story ROCKALL, and I'll see you soon!
No, seriously.
It's all their fault.

Also, getting ready for school because I'm moving up in a week and a half?! How'd that happen?

ANYWAY. I wasn't happy with the pencils for this week's page and want to start over rather than trying to salvage the mess I already have within the next hour before my drive north, so here is a collage!

Top row: A sketch model for what this page is supposed to look like; also, a view of a street in Amschel's neighborhood.
Middle row: The Rothschild family home; and an actual photograph of their actual living room! WHOA! I geeked out really hard earlier this week when I found a bunch of interior photos during my research. CRAZY. Wunderkammer actually has some form of historical accuracy? Yes. Kinda.
Bottom image: another photograph of Frankfurt am Maim's Judengasse, from a different angle.

My goal this weekend is to fix the real page 53 and finish the lines for 54 and hopefully [crosses fingers] 55, and aim for a double (DOUBLE!) update next week! Someday this chapter will be concluded, and we're all going to laugh because in my revised script this chapter and the one that follows are apocryphal. HAHAHAHAHA...boooooo T^T

Colors up; gray blocks down! Also, shout out to my grandparents Jean and Jeannine, who go by the handles Captain and Nanou! Why they chose to comment about the photos here and not in response to the e-mail I sent them is beyond me...whatever, they're cute :D

Salut, mes grandparents! Merci pour lirant mon b-d; je sais que c'est difficile parce-que c'est tout en anglais!

In personal news, I think I've procured suitable silver footwear. And it was fun to watch that video again :B

Thanks for reading! Check back next week for the new page--and say goodbye to that starry sky, starting next page we're back in the real world! Boo, real world, with your physics, thinking you're so special.
Amschel, as I'm sure you've all realized by now... not the sharpest tool in the shed. Or, in a more appropriate analogy, the brightest light in the sky. Unlike the Perseid Meteor Shower, going on right now unobstructed by the moon! But in southeastern Connecticut it's obstructed by rain clouds right now T^T

Another gray page; colors will be up tomorrow night!

In personal news, I am on the quest for silver footwear. Let's go get some shoes.
Follow Through!
No way--I actually made good on a promise?! Yes. At the result of being a terrible hostess, yes. So she drove across two states to get here; I put the DVD of Jaws in, she's fine.

Omigawd, you gaiz. This chapter. It's so close to being finished; you don't even know. I'd write more, but I have to be up bright and early tomorrow morning for BLUECRABBING TIMES :OOOO Who likes handling raw bacon and catches her own dinner with regularity? THIS GAL.

Just for funsies I left up the WIP page, because I like comparing things. I'll take it down in a few days :3

Red dwarf! /nerd
Look, it's done! Whaddiya think?!
It's still Thursday night somewhere, haha! Today did not pan out as expected, but at least you guys have some sketchy lines and text to look at? BEHOLD: my creative process! It is terribly efficient. A more colorful, refined version will be replacing this tomorrow night (technically tonight). Whatever, Friday night. I'm too tired to even attempt figuring out the correct onomatopoeia for that second panel. Must recharge.

The colored version should make at least a little more sense, I realize it's hard to decipher what's going on with just gray on gray; Kristina's jumping ship after filching Amschel's hair ribbon.

This is Just Embarrassing.
I'm not even going to lie, the delayed update is entirely due to me falling headfirst down that dark, slippery slope known as Alien vs. Predator fanfiction. It started innocently enough: I was trying to find a good example of the genre to prove to a friend that yes, it does exist and it is hilarious; next thing I knew, I was like the main character of the prose poetry novel, "Crank" (only without the meth or the rape baby), I hadn't slept in three days, I'd hardly eaten more than a bunch of Cup o'Noodles and I never even sent my friend a link to any of the gems I found. And believe you me, that stuff is hysterical. And some of it terrifyingly well-written. This isn't even me being pretentious about people dedicating so much time and effort to a cheesy franchise--AvP is one of my all-time favorite bad movies. But some of you kids are legitimately talented. Write a book, I'd read it.

Oh, I've also been doing odd-jobs for extra cash that I desperately need for school; lest you think that all I do is goof off. I WISH. Weirdly, monies trumps non-profit hobby, but I have a window tomorrow night and most of Thursday, which means update Thursday night if it kills me. IF IT KILLS ME. Only two more pages until consciousness, Red Rabbit. AWAKE TIMES!

So in the meantimes here's Jane--you remember Jane--and her Best Historical Friend Forever, Juan Carlos II of Spain. I love Charlie here about as much as I do Dr. Zahi Hawass; he belongs to my favorite inbred royal family, the Habsburgs, he was born with congenital syphilis, and his first wife gorged herself to death. NICE. But, in the immortal words of LeVar Burton, you don't have to take my word for it.

Jane is, bizarrely, the only one of the Wunderkammer crew able to converse in Spanish, making her an invaluable asset in acquisitioning several coveted items that require a certain amount of finesse (before she joined the ranks, all of the sparse Spanish collection had been acquired by Bastian punching members of the Inquisition in the face; not much of a covert operation). And on one such trip into the 1670s, well...this happens.

I'd like to point out that the file name of this masterpiece is "wtf.jpg."


See you in two days for the final installments of Pre-American Revolution: A Space Odyssey!
I don't even have words.
MY ABSENCE, IT IS INEXCUSABLE. But welcome, Newcomers, to Wunderkammer, where we apparently adhere to the Lackadaisy update schedule, but without the high-quality art to look forward to! 8D



ANYWAY. In the month I fell off of the internet, the following occurred:

1. I went to my first-ever American carnival! It was fun.
2. Independence Day! It was loud.
3. Wunderkammer turned 1 year old, sad and neglected and awaiting child services while I wallowed around in postpartum depression. I AM A TERRIBLE MOTHER.
4. Bastille Day! My cousin invited me to help her pick flavors for her wedding cake. I made French Revolution jokes ad naseum.
5. [citation_needed], brainchild of my best buds Amy Falcone and Chris O'Brien, also turned 1 year old, to much fanfare and celebration! Their strip is much more culturally relevant, haha. Congratulations, you guys!

Oh, and, WUNDERKAMMER WAS NOMINATED FOR A SMACKJEEVES AWARD?! How is this--What is--Why--WHO?! When I at least have an answer to, voting is going on until August 1st.

I think most of the other candidates are better qualified for the category, but I'm just amazed and touched and humbled to have even been selected as a nominee. Especially since it happened during my prolonged and unannounced hiatus T^T I am unworthy. But vote for me, anyway! 8D Haha! No, but seriously.

The update schedule is tentatively back on. Next week's page will arrive as expected, but probably more towards Friday night/Saturday morning, but then we're going to keep trucking along until this chapter is finally finished (WE'RE SO CLOSE, I SWEAR), at which point I seriously need to revamp a TON of stuff (I accidentally saw Page 6 and DEAR LORD, NO) and refine the script and outline for the rest of the story.

BABY STEPS. And I promise that if I get angsty again, I will apply it to more productive projects than watching marathons of Egyptology shows on the History Channel. Or, like, at least let you guys know what's going on.

Somehow it is 3am?
Another Friday update on a Friday :\ Weirdly, although I'm on vacation I have less free time than when I was gainfully employed. What up with that?!

So here's a quandary; I'm assuming that most, if not all of you are more tech-savvy than I, and can provide valuable insight into my current problem:

My computer and I. We hate each other.

It likes to plague me, and I have no idea how to appease it. It runs at a consistent, blistering 48 degrees Celsius, peaking out at 53 when my Antivirus is scanning OR when I crank out a comic page in Photoshop. It also refuses to connect to any wireless network that is not my default at home. Lately it doesn't even want to connect to that half the time (I'm actually uploading this week's page from my dad's computer in the basement).

My dad, he is a webmaster. He can't figure it out. My best friend, she is the smartest lady I know when it comes to computers and despite her best efforts, she couldn't figure it out. Although I could connect to the Ethernet at my college, and although I can see numerous wireless networks and my computer will automatically connect to the strongest signal or say it is connected to whatever network I choose, THE INTERNET WILL NOT WORK. It's so terribly frustrating. And I'm going to be moving to Vermont in a few months for grad school, and would like a computer that can access the internet.

Anyway, it's a Dell Inspiron 6000 and I got it as a hooray-college! present, making it almost six years old, and it has been well-used. Other than running really hot and the whole internet thing it still works really well! Well enough that I'm loathe to buy a new one because I am practical (read: cheap).

Any thoughts? Would it be worth transferring everything to my external hard drive, uninstalling literally everything and rebooting the computer from scratch with my reinstall disk? Should I take it out into a field with a baseball bat and pay an homage to "Office Space"? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated T^T
Dalmatians, you ask? NAY! Fans! :DDD Thank you all so much! I feel so popular, haha! When did this happen?!

So, the Friday update is actually happening on a Friday this week :) But I was really sloppy with the sketch this time and it took a lot longer than usual to clean it up...also, Miss Amy Falcone of [citation_needed] and I did our respective pages for today together at her house, and her scanner is about a bajillion times more fancy than mine, and did not appreciate my mechanical pencil skillz. WHOOPS.

I am currently monopolizing her computer to post this, so this will have to be short and sweet, but due to general consensus the sketchy lineart is going to remain a fixture of Wunderkammer, at least until the end of this chapter! I certainly enjoy not inking things digitally, so I'm not complaining :B

OH! HeroesCon was AWESOME! I met Kate Beaton, and she drew me a picture of Robespierre in my book; I also met Anthony Clark, and bought a button of Beartato; we saw Pete Hornberger from 30Rock, just walking around; and a bunch of my CCS friends had a booth so I got to say hi! In conclusion: A most successful weekend.

See you next week!
Sorry, I don't have time to write any great witticisms or anecdotes right now, since I have spent all day working on comics instead of packing for HeroesCon!

On the other hand, I'm sure I'll have something interesting to interject when the weekend is over 8D

Red Rabbit: Haha, no more trees! EVER. Seriously, I'm going to revamp the whole plot to only take place in the abstract-form-filled void of space or in a concrete bunker. DOS TREEZ.

existentialpogo: Thank you! Kristina is the most fun because she's directly based off of an actual historical figure, whereas Amschel is just sort of mushed into a historical context, haha. And yet I've done more research for his backstory, so. Go figure.


So my tablet pen is still being a buttface. I believe I mentioned in a frantic News post something about "Hulk hands;" you've all been terribly polite about that not inquiring after that fact, haha, so allow me to tell you about it anyway.

I've been breaking a lot of things lately. Like, at Easter I crushed nearly half of my dozen eggs: one, on the way to the boiling pot; the other four, during the dyeing process. I didn't feel like I exerted any more pressure than usual, and just assumed they were a weak-shelled batch. Then I ripped the door of our trash container off its hinges; that gave me pause. And then, last week, I cracked my tablet pen while inking one of Kristina's nostrils.


I ended up doing this entire page on an actual piece of paper, with an actual pencil! How analogue--it appeals to my historian sensibilities :B Actually, the end product kinda reminds me of those awesome Disney years when the animators just copied their sketched frames directly onto cellophane without cleaning the art up first, and lines were just goin' every which way. Oh, the ' full of amazing music, terrible clothing and the only animated fox I have ever had a crush on. Oo da lally, indeed.

ANYWAY. The lovely kids over at [citation_needed] and I are heading down to Charlotte this weekend for CONVENTION TIMES (so excited :O)! Expect another page up sometime on Thursday, although it will probably be traditional media again :\

Sorry, guys .v.
Haha, I've lost a fan; presumably because of my antics!

Sketchbook Art!
EDIT OMG, U GAIZ. I have no idea why this wasn't showing up DD: I swear I did update on Thursday night, but unfortunately it's nothing to write home about. NEXT WEEK FOR REALS, OK .v.

Haha, you guys must be so sick of my shenanigans by now .v.

On the plus side, however, tomorrow is my last day of work! So I will have lots of free time >D My hope is to build up a buffer of pages, to avoid more situations like these, and maybe--JUST MAYBE--start a two page/week update schedule around the middle of June! Le gasp!
That goal is probably subject to change several times between now and then, but rest assured that I will keep you abreast with copious ramblings every step of the way 8D

IN THE MEANWHILE. Please enjoy this digitally colored page of my traditional medium sketchbook! It was hard to pick something that 1) involves a character to whom you've already been introduced (most of my doodles are of Theano; who the f*** is that?!), and 2) isn't a crazy spoiler :\
I'm really kicking myself that I don't have anything halfway decent lying around about the first time Amschel and Bastian met, because that encounter is ridiculous, but this will have to do!

Rome, 1494. Bastian is 15 and swiping things from the Vatican, which nearly includes a certain lady of historical importance (fun facts: her father was a Pope and her descendants include Brooke Shields) after she escapes over a neighboring garden wall (hence the dialogue) and they cavort around town all night, except that Edmund (someday you'll meet him) puts the kibosh on that as soon as he hears her name. Anyway, this moment marks the beginning of a 500+ year relationship, and isn't really spoiler-worthy because she has such an influence on the person Bastian becomes. SO THIS IS EXPOSITION. Yeah? Yeah.


This weekend my bffs at [citation_needed] are graduating from college! You should go visit them because they are going to be posting mysterious "special content" later this week. Also, they are awesome because they have publicly mentioned me and THIS KID in the same paragraph. It's almost like being internet famous! 8D



Poofy shorts. And that is all. See you next week for a real update! :D
Salut, tout le monde!
How's it hangin'?! I am back from France and freaking out because next week is my last before my job contract expires, and I have just been informed that I need to give a presentation on Tuesday! So know that if the new page doesn't come up on time next week, it's because I'm still weeping in a corner from trying to get a huge essay completed a week earlier than I had anticipated 8D Good times.

It actually kind of sucks, because my cousin's new Fro-Yo store is opening this weekend and I really wanted to go for opening day .v. They commissioned me to do all the art! So if you like frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit, and live near Northampton, Massachusetts, well. Has GoBerry got a deal for you!

I could rave about my vacation until people just tune me out as background noise (this has already happened on several occasions), but I would much rather laugh at Amy's guest comic and pimp her usual strip, [Citation_Needed]. AMY THANK YOU SO MUCH T^T It was enough to make me wish that Wunderkammer was always so super-cute and bizarrely comparable to awesome Disney movies, haha. Also, over 300 pageviews in one day, wtf! :O
(If you guys are interested in seeing the pictures I took while away and reading about my crazy misadventures en France--including a visit to Amchel's family's vineyard!--friend me on facebook! There are only two Amelia Onorato's and I am not the one from Italy :3 Just put something, anything about Wunderkammer in the request, because I am weird about friending people I don't know >.>)

ENOUGH ABOUT ALL THAT. Amschel, Kristina, how I have missed your antics! One not knowing what an orange is, the other laughing at her own "Judgment of Paris" jokes...feels good to be back :)
I once had a college History professor who would do something similar; be showing slides of amphorae one minute, then tell a joke in Greek and crack up halfway through. We were still Freshmen and didn't know that this is usual Historian behavior, so we just thought he was really weird :\ ...well, he was pretty weird, haha.

Catiris, I don't want to give any plot devices away before I'm ready, but your thoughts on time travel have been helpful in trying to figure out the loopholes of temporal paradoxes, haha :D
And Red Rabbit, I don't mind waiting 20+ years starting now if that means Wunderkammer might become a cult classic, haha! Don't know what I can do about the BBC bit, though :B
Well now!
This is certainly not a part of the regular storyline. OR IS IT?!?!?!? Hello, kids. This is Amy T. Falcone of bringing you some random content for this week while Mia is gallivanting around France. A little known fact: Kristina's wrap is actually a flying carpet.

Spoiler Alert: I am in France!

Actually, as I write this I'm sitting in my living room like usual, BUT! Thanks to the magic that is the internet, you shouldn't be reading this until Thursday night; by which time I will be in France. Crazy!

So I'd like to introduce the uninitiated amongst you to my best friend and first-class pinch hitter (Visual Media category), better known as the artist of [citation_needed] and being one of those rare girls on the internet, AMY T. FALCONE! She is a huge lifesaver and will be doing a guest strip next week!

This lovely portrait of Amschel was actually my Christmas present and is, to the best of my knowledge, the only fanart in existence for Wunderkammer! It was a total surprise and I really treasure it 8D (In a interesting not-coincidence, Amy also did the only fanart for another one of my stories, Joppatowne. It's about wizards and cats! 8D). God, I hope all of this html coding comes out alright, haha. Anyway.

CHECK OUT HER WEBCOMIC !! It's hilarious! Especially those guest comics ;)

Thanks so much, Beb! I really owe you one :D
Wait, what?
Two pages in one week? NO WAI :O

Let's not even talk about what I had to do to make this possible, haha. It may have involved a crossroads, and a man in a snazzy suit, and learning how to play blues guitar. OR MAYBE I JUST HAVEN'T BEEN SLEEPING 8D

I am so nervous about flying D:

ANYWAY. Hopefully this summer, after my internship is over and I have no pressing commitments until school starts, we can have twice-a-week updates :D But for now, only one more page until we are done with the orchard scene! FOREVER.

So, it's not 100% yet that I'm actually going to France next week. But, if it does happen, that means I'll miss two weeks of updates. I was...not smart enough to prepare for this in advance, but I will make sure that SOMETHING will show up both weeks. Won't be a new page, though .v. Unless our flight is canceled, in which case there will be a new page! :D

Ok, I am a little less loopy now!

So, I don’t know about you guys, but I have had a busy last couple of weeks. And it’s only going to get busier! There is a long-overdue blog post going up later today that will cover all of this in greater detail, and none of the events recounted therein really excuse the late page; but in a nutshell, NYC, MoCCA, 50th Anniversary Antiquarian Book Fair, boat maintenance, work, Work, WORK, JEEZ I DON’T EVEN GET OVERTIME FOR THIS, Opening Night (work), old friends in town, and dentist.

And, next week: France! Maybe. There’s the wee problem of a volcanic eruption :\

I’d like to apologize for last night’s placeholder post. It wasn’t my intention to explain a joke (PET PEEVE); I thought a “Liner Note”-esque comment might be helpful in a Many-Foreign-Languages-Are-Happening situation (also, I could try covering my butt if someone came along telling me that I messed up the Hebrew :D) I do try to research these things, but I mean. Come on. I’m like Corban Dallas; I only speak two languages: English and <del>Bad English</del> French! But from now on, I shall refrain from explaining things and we can all enjoy being confused together! Just kidding, I know what’s going on :B

I heard once that the one plot device to be avoided at all costs is the concept of time travel. So, uh, here’s a story that exclusively focuses on it? YOU’RE WELCOME. Haha. Hopefully this establishing dialogue will make more sense once the “Wunderkammer” makes its entrance, and Bastian, Jane and Co. are out and about trying to avoid raising hell. At the expense of totally not giving anything away, Catiris (because I am learning that temporal paradoxes are even more complicated than I thought—HARD SCIENCE FICTION, ANYONE .v.), it’s not that conscious history can’t be altered so much as could you do it in such a way that would create a continuous loop of changing something that would still require going back to change it. And should you?

Ethics! They’re an adventure! But really, not the main focus of this story, haha.

Not helping matters is the fact I’ve been editing and re-editing my notes, and this should probably be Chapter 4. Yeah…about that D: