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I walk this road alone.....If I told you who I was....I'd have to keel joo....

lol jk.
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    George Lopez
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Shit almighty!
First Ruder says I'm SMF, and now SMF says I'm SL! It's a fucking relentless cycle!

Oh and Sl are you saying my sprite is terrible? Your sprite has a big nose, and too long of a neck so shadddddddddup. I'm not a flamer person btw. I used to be a guest under the name "T". And yes we stole GBA's name idea for our names. But then again so did 360. Sue me.
Hey, cool comic! Favorited!
I have a mario character, but is it okay if I join?
Shadow Lugia: Cool, send in an app. And maybeh >_>
Now join our comic today. We follow the same concept, only we're an army. We will go to wars with other comics. We don't care if you're an author at RITM too. WE JUST NEED AUTHORS, AND FILLER/ADS/RANDOM STUFF TO BE POSTED HERE!